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Talk for writing to teach non fiction

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Amanda_Taylor, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I hope you don't mind me asking but I'm doing explanation texts next term with my year 4 class and was wondering whether it would be possible to get a copy of your planning? I'm really struglling with planning this unit. Thank you!
  2. I really like using 'the Shirt Machine' from the Strategy. This is a great place to start, explaining how the machine works.
  3. karentee

    karentee New commenter

    I saw him just a few weeks ago talking about just this, simply take a model that you can work from eg an explanation of something similar to the topic you are writing about, study this, learn it, box the different parts up, retell it etc (just as you would for a story) then model how you wuld use this framework to write a class version, then children to write their own,
    for example we have just done a unit on non-chronolgical writing about animals, we started with a piece I had written about a lion, the children learnt it, we looked at the different paragraphs and the structure. Then we did shared writing, using the boxing up, to write group writing about an elephant. We ended with the children writing their own about an animal of their choice, having the boxing up as a framework to use. the quality of the writing was really good
  4. CB123

    CB123 New commenter

    Really sorry my planning is on my work laptop which I havn't got with me at the mo . But we looked at the text 'Until I met Dudley (which someone else on here recommended) and we learnt the features of explanation texts.
    To do the writing we then watched Wallace and Gromit cracking contraptions (meal making one) - again someone from this site recommended it. We drew a flow chart ( bit like Pie Corbett suggests doing a story map for narrative) We practiced saying the explanation from the flow chart. Over 3 days I then model wrote a section of the explanation focussing on connectives and technical words (as this linked to most of my classes targets) and then the children wrote their own explanation.
    At the end of the week the children then marked each others work and fed back to each other.
    The week later we then did a big write on this. They watched another Wallace and Gromet (tv remote one). As a class we did a flow chart, then they did there own writing. Hope this is of some use and sorry again for not being able to send my planning

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