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Taking on part time work outside of teaching in the holidays - do I need to tell my school?

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by NeerieNoo, Aug 21, 2020.

  1. NeerieNoo

    NeerieNoo New commenter

    I'm looking into taking on part time work outside of teaching during the school holidays. Probably in the tech sector. Do I need to tell my school/ if my school had rules about this kind of thing what sort of wording should I be looking out for in the contract?
  2. Nahmero

    Nahmero New commenter

    I'd let them know before you do, just to make them aware. They generally should be fine with it, my employer told me to let them know if I take another job and as long as it didn't interrupt my work it was fine. I'm a TA, so whether it's different for teachers I don't know. Worth an ask.
  3. GeordieKC

    GeordieKC Occasional commenter

    No idea on the legal aspects, but given that they may find out at some point (tax changes for example) I would suggest at least a brief conversation with the Head. The only reason I can think for a school objecting is if they see a conflict of interest, and that is better dealt with in advance.
  4. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    I presume teachers are examiners and private tutors for private companies. I don’t see how this is any different.
  5. thejudgesscoresarein

    thejudgesscoresarein Established commenter

    I would have a conversation with your line manager or headteacher first. Can’t see there being much of an issue (as long as it doesn’t conflict with your teaching role) but you want them to know before making some sort of commitment so there is no questioning about it.
  6. Newidentity

    Newidentity Occasional commenter

    My school ask that we let them know if we are taking a job outside of teaching in writing. This translates to write down the nature of the business and employer name (if any). The rationale is to avoid any conflict of interest.

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