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Taking LO to a scan - what do you think?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by rwegointocomputers, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    I have my 12 week scan in just under 2 weeks (on 1st April!) and just trying to decide whether to take my LO with us. She is 14 months old and well behaved (well most of the time!). Part of me wants to take her (not told anyone else yet and would need to if getting them to look after her, and scan is at 8:15 am so not much time to drop her off somewhere and think it would be nice to have her there).

    BUT, do you think this is a good idea? thoughts please...
  2. Millie dog

    Millie dog New commenter

    Hi RWE,
    at our local hospital it does say no children and it reiterates it on the letter....however....whenever i was there there was always families with children. I would imagine they say it because scans can sometimes take awhile and if there is bad news (god forbid!) then maybe it's easier to talk about without children there.
    Who normally has your LO when you're at work??
    Millie x
  3. My MIl but can't really ask her to have her without saying why as scan is very early (8:15am) and can' t think of an excuse as to why we would need to drop her off so early?!
  4. lucchese

    lucchese New commenter

    I think we will have to do the same with our LO as we have no childcare that day and the only friend I can ask (who knows) is at work. Our hospital prefer you not to take children but it doesn't say you can't, and if your OH is there to look after her it shouldn't be a problem. Have you tried phoning the hospital and see what they say?
    My scan is 7th April!!!

  5. Good thinking! My OH will be there and the 1st scan doesn't last too long does it!? (if I remember correctly).

    If not, will have to come up with an excuse...hmmm...important meeting at work that I can't miss?!

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