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Taking action before coming into a role "officially"...?

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by corblimeyguvnor, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. corblimeyguvnor

    corblimeyguvnor New commenter

    I have recently been appointed to a newly created HOF position, managing several departments as well as remaining as HOD of my own (in a secondary school). This was an internally advertised post and all of the other HODs applied - I was surprised but very pleased to get the job, but as you can imagine it has been a contravesial appointment, with some HODs none too keen on having a HOF 'above' them.
    The difficulty comes in the fact that officially this role will not commence until September - I am still just known as HOD this year and will not be paid until the new academic year.
    I am stuck in a 'limbo' period where some of the staff who will now be managed by me (not HODs, but classroom teachers and technicians) are starting to e-mail me about decisions or conraversial decisions made by SMT or by their own HOD. So far I have not got involved although in September I would be, obviously. Everyone now knows that I am moving into this post but it has been stated clearly to the staff that this re-structuring will not be in place until September and I know the existing HODs will be keen to keep it at bay for as long as possible!
    I would like to get started now. This is going to be a challenging role, with HODs reluctant to 'join up' and with one in particular already being difficult and personally feeling very affronted that she was not appointed (having been in the school for a long time).
    I feel like I should start acting as a HOF (in terms of speaking to staff) and I would also like to hold a pre-Faculty meeting to outline my aims for the new role and to get us all to start thinking about how we can become collegiate in our approach - I have lots of ideas. I also think a meeting would be a good opportunity to show that a) I have a vision for the Faculty and b) I have no intention of interferring or 'ruling with a rod of iron' - as I think is the perception.
    Of course I am aleady formulating ideas, policies etc. for the new role, but these are being done in my own time.
    Understandably all the HODs are highly protective of their own area (although nothing in their job description has changed) and have been used to working in a very insular manner.
    To summarise - should I - or can I take action now to start fulfiling this HOF role? I do not want to 'tread on any toes' but at the same time will my Head be expecting me to act now, even without being paid for the extra work?
    Many thanks.
  2. seaviews

    seaviews New commenter

    Ask your head what he expects you to do.
    Personally, if the changes are unpopular, I'd be upset if you started them earlier than planned! Maybe give everyone time to adjust to what's going to happen in September and take on your new role and implement changes slowly and sensitively ...
  3. I take it you'll be taking a pay increase for your new role?
    I'd try and do as little as possible until September. That's when your job title will change. Until then you're still doing the same role as you were before.
  4. You will upset everyone by getting involved before the job starts. Don't.
  5. mrkeys

    mrkeys Occasional commenter

    My most memorable experiences (for the right reason) were when I was HOF.
    But you do not start until September so do nothing until then.
    If your HT wishes you to start earlier then that should be made clear to all staff and of course reflected in your pay.
    There is a huge danger that you will alienate yourself from your colleagues. You will need a collegiate approach, I certainly valued my HOD's and gave them freedom to run their dept as they saw fit.
    We would meet as full faculty, just HOD's and sometimes just as subjects. One thing I did insist though, the agenda must be published 48 hours before the meeting. No agenda, no meeting.
    Good luck, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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