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Taking a non teaching spouse abroad

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by aliali5208, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. aliali5208

    aliali5208 New commenter

    Hi All,

    I've searched through the thread but haven't been able to find a answer yet so apologies if this has been covered.

    Im planning to go abroad in August 2020 ideally in the middle east. I am married and have a 6 month old child and wanted to know about the process of bringing my wife and child abroad.

    I've heard I would need to go to the chosen country first and then apply for my wife and child to come to join me in the country.
    How does this work and how long is it until my spouse and child can join me?

    Will schools generally pay for their flights and is it possible for me to fly back on the weekend to bring my spouse and child to the chosen country or would I be restricted due to visa issues?

    I know every school is different and offer different packages so would appreciate any general advice on how it works.
  2. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    Actually, you're in luck, the process you describe is not typical at all. In most schools, you would fly out together as a family, with the school taking care of the visas for all of you.
    Benefits generally include flights, accommodation, health insurance and eventually tuition for your child. As you've pointed out though, schools all do their own things, so it will be important to explore what each one offers and how each approaches benefits for families.
    Good luck.
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  3. moscowbore

    moscowbore Star commenter

    I know of three schools in Doha which deal completely differently with non-teaching spouses. One states that the teacher flies out first then the spouse six months later.

    This was a year ago and much can change in that time. Check with the school.
  4. taiyah

    taiyah Occasional commenter

    It is all changing. In QA, for them to fly with you:

    1) Your salary MUST be assessed high enough that you can support your family. 15000 per month is the guide with accommodation provided.

    That's why some have to wait 6 months. They have to accrue the monetary proof that you are financially sound.

    2) Provide savings from other means, this case the UK bank accounts. Had a physics teacher in the school who couldn't bring their wife and child into the country. They were asked to prove £20k savings.

    It does depend on which school you get. Embassy schools are good to go because their starting salaries are 16000QR/month.
  5. SecondPlace

    SecondPlace Occasional commenter

    Very much depends on where you go.

    Don't know about the ME, but do know from experience in Asia and Europe that in some countries it is common that you would fly together as a family. In some countries you would need to go first and then apply for a 'family reunion' visa. Depending on your wife's passport/nationality/citizenship then this could vary further...
  6. aliali5208

    aliali5208 New commenter

    Thanks for the reply all,

    Interesting to hear that we can all fly out together or on the other hand wait 6 months

    I'd assume i would ask this question about spouse after a post has been offered or would it be wise to ask in the interview as something like a 6 month wait wouldn't work for me due to have a young baby.

    Also is this something that you can negotiate with the school or is it something each school has a policy for these sort of things which is not negotiable.
  7. taiyah

    taiyah Occasional commenter

    Officially, it is an immigration process. Those things in general is out of the school's hands.

    ME countries won't admit it. But they are slowly following what other western countries ask migrants... Prove that you and your family are financially able to come to their country.
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  8. aliali5208

    aliali5208 New commenter

    Thanks for the insights, will be interesting to see what happens when the applications start
  9. moscowbore

    moscowbore Star commenter

    Have you ever been to the middle east?

    The same rules are applied completely differently depending on who knows who. Some schools will get you a visa if you have sat next to a qualified person once on a tube train. Others will never get visas if they have annoyed somebody.
  10. taiyah

    taiyah Occasional commenter

    Which part of "... they are slowly following..." seems tricky to you?

    Yes, in the ME. Have been in the past 8 years.
  11. frogusmaximus

    frogusmaximus Occasional commenter

    Got into a cash point row the other year in the country in which i'm working.

    Guy was adamant the machine always gave the debit card back before it dispensed the cash and would not accept that sometimes the cash comes first (machines vary here probably due to age) and the card after. Even when relating that many machines retain the card to offer an option for further transactions, he would not accept he was not right and I was wrong.

    Just saying like.

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