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Taking a media studies lesson in an IT room for a job interview!

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by willmh90, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. willmh90

    willmh90 New commenter

    Hello all
    It's an immensely long story but I am a Maths/History teacher and I am going for a cover supervisor role. I have been told that my observed lesson will be a Media lesson in an IT room. This will obviously be a challenge, could anyone please suggest any strategies I can employ to make sure they behave and actually learn something? I don't even know their age but I assume that if its a 'media' lesson that means they are probably doing GCSE Media?
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  2. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    After you briefly introduce yourself, tell them that today there will be three rules:

    Follow instructions fast
    Stay on task
    Work without disturbing others

    Briefly explain the work and then let them get started. Once they get started and you have time, write the instructions on the board.

    Do not sit at the teacher's desk, but walk around the room and ask the students about their work and ask them to show pages of what they are doing. You aren't supposed to teach, but you could check for spellings,layout etc.

    You have to be alert and ensure to the best of your ability they are not on sites they shouldn't be on but the school should tell you if you can check on the teacher's computer but for this I don't think you will have access, so just be very careful to keep your eyes on the entire room by walking around.

    If the class gets too loud or off task stop them and tell them they need to get back on task and reduce the noise levels etc.

    Take a small notebook ornuse class photos to record the names of the students who do well to give praise to.

    They shouldn't have phones or food out.

    They may ask you if they can listen to music while they work and that their regular teacher Mr T let's them. I don't bet, but I would wager this will come up. Have your answer rehearsed and ready. I would say No. They will then say why. Etc..

    Try to find out before the lesson what the policy is regarding listening to music.

    All the best.

    It should be absolutely fine.
  3. sarah_dann1

    sarah_dann1 Occasional commenter TES Behaviour peer advisor

    Working in the IT room, once you get used to it, usually turns out to be really positive. Kids are generally more willing to have a go.

    Really good advice from @pepper5 I would definitely go with her simple rules and then don't sit down at all. You need to be out circulating, asking kids questions, getting them to explain what they're doing and where they should be by the end of the lesson. Remind them of timings and move them on from task to task if appropriate.

    Help them formulate questions for Google. It's incredible how poor they are at knowing what to type in to find the right information!

    Keep a close eye for those using game sites or taking photos with the inbuilt camera etc. Give a warning audibly, then return to this student often. If they're caught again, ask them to turn off their computer and give them paper to continue the task by hand.

    Also ask in advance if there is a seating plan you can see. This is just as important in the computer room as in a standard classroom.

    Good luck
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