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Taking a dog abroad on a teaching contract

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by kristibunny, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Bytor

    Bytor Occasional commenter

    What alot of tosh, epicrates.

    So, what would you recommend they do with their responsibilty? An injection?

    Many people take their dogs abroad, and transport them from country to country as they move between international schools, including the ME

    It doesn't mean that people are not worthy of moving out of their comfort zone
  2. I live in an Islamic country. There are a sufficient number of dog kennels. There are also a great deal of wild dogs as well, due in part, to the people that feed and care for them. If you ask someone where a certain dog is, even someone you have never seen to interact with that or any other dog, they will know how to call it and where it is likely to be.
  3. serverservant

    serverservant New commenter

    Its easier to say where my dog hasnt been with us, but weve had her living in Scotland, Mexico, Spain, Qatar, Germany and China. She has an EU pet passport and seems to cope with it. We usually fly her KLM as the amsterdam pet people are fab with her. Shes been on holiday with us as well to Belguim, Poland, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France and Portugal. Well travelled dog. Never an issue.
  4. kstainsb

    kstainsb New commenter

    There is a lot of old rot talked about dogs in the middle east. I live in kuwait, have two large dogs (an irish setter and a labrador) and gave no issues at all. We live out of the school flats and in an area surrounded with undeveloped blocks so walks are easy. A huge area of undeveloped desert is 10 minutes away for a proper off-lead run.

    The locals are very interested in the dogs, some rather fearful, but weve never had any negative issues in the past four years - mostly kids who want to stroke the dogs. One neighbour thought we were walking a pet goat, apparently they resemble a red setter...Our neighbour is a Kuwaiti, Muslim, and she has two dogs. She says dogs are not haram in Islam, and I guess she'd know... There are other kuwaitis and arab expats all over with pet dogs!

    There are good vets when necessary, and they have kennels, though we haven't used them. We have a maid who cleans and dog-walks through the day when we are at work, and she lives-in during holidays/weekends when we are in Dubai getting our fill of pork and alcohol
  5. Bytor

    Bytor Occasional commenter

    Our problem is getting our Staffy to where we're going. Either classified as a short nose dog with breathing difficullties, or dangerous.

    The only carrier who is willing to take her as excess luggage goes via India. India has restrictions on dogs entering the country, so will only allow as the prohibitively expensive cargo.

    Bummer really. So it will stay with family.

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