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Take a breath. It's January. It's not you.

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by FriarLawrence, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. FriarLawrence

    FriarLawrence Senior commenter

    I don't know about you, but this is the roughest time of year as a teacher. 6 weeks since payday, a real feeling of slump, feels like forever til the sun comes back. I don't know a colleague who isn't struggling at least a little bit right now.

    It's not you - or at least, it might not be. Take a breath. Be kind to yourself. Do easy teaching where you can: peer-assessed tests, a relevant documentary here or there. It's just a job. Breathe. This too shall pass.


    Message ends!
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  2. princesslegend

    princesslegend Occasional commenter

    Thank you.
    I REALLY needed this today.
  3. GirlGremlin

    GirlGremlin Occasional commenter

    Thank you. Worryingly, I found myself today for the first time ever thinking, you know what? I actually don't care any more if I make a mistake with data, if a kid gets away with getting their phone out under the desk, if I didn't spot all the sneaky head phones... if my 25 mark essay was out by 2 marks at moderation. I just don't care. Hopefully this is just January talking too. I don't like to think of myself as work shy :-(
  4. bevdex

    bevdex Star commenter

    Thank-you Friar, I've been thinking it's just me. After thinking my class were making great progress in the Autumn term, they seem to have simply stalled.
  5. 1lessonatatime

    1lessonatatime New commenter

    I needed this today. I’m broken at the moment. Nothing is ever good enough, the to do list only gets longer and I really don’t think I could work any harder.

    I hate to admit it but had a few tears on the way home tonight, first time in 11 years of being a teacher. Broken.
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  6. smurphy6

    smurphy6 Lead commenter

    Just want to add my thanks for the pep talk, it’s tough at the moment and I feel like I’m running to stand still.
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  7. Curae

    Curae Star commenter

    Thank you for this it is much needed ...Definitely for me . I was about to really think I had lost it.

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  8. Curae

    Curae Star commenter

    Admit it and don't feel ashamed for being human and congratulations on finding WPD. We are here to help 24/7.
    Nearly Friday ;)
  9. Curae

    Curae Star commenter

    Good for you ... its sometimes good to not care. ...we are only human.
  10. spinning_wheel

    spinning_wheel New commenter

    I’m struggling too. Stress and anxiety has returned out of the blue now I’ve started a full time role. I thought I was strong but I’m not. I’m trying to take it day by day.

    Sending virtual hugs to you all who are in a similar situation.
  11. lantan

    lantan New commenter

    Oh yes, this is such a good timing. I even started to think I am more affected by the dark than I though I always was. But it's just January blues.
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  12. scienceteachasghost

    scienceteachasghost Lead commenter

    January is a vile time of year not just for teachers. The same factors (time until payday, dark, cold, UVlessness, Anti-Christmassyness) conspire to make the first month a hard slog. Soon be February!
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  13. smeldred

    smeldred New commenter

    I needed this today too. Feeling like its groundhog day at work and generally uninspired and disinterested. I think you're right - its January. Thanks again
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  14. bumchuckle

    bumchuckle Occasional commenter

    Are you saying you don’t get paid for 6 weeks?
  15. FriarLawrence

    FriarLawrence Senior commenter

    Yep. Last got paid on the last day of the Autumn term - Dec 18th, in my case. Next payday is 31st Jan.
  16. princesslegend

    princesslegend Occasional commenter

    My to-do list is getting longer.
    My energy is getting lower.
    My temper is getting shorter.
    My house is getting messier.
    I really don't think I can hang in there much longer.

    I keep telling myself it will be ok by Pay Day but I honestly don't think it will. I really wish we could take Mental Health days.
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  17. FriarLawrence

    FriarLawrence Senior commenter

    We had a "mental health awareness" INSET last year in which the nice lady leading it (not an employee of the school) said that we should feel safe to phone in and say "I'm just not coping today, I need a day for my mental health".

    Cue hollow, grim laughter. Yeah. Just try it...
  18. spinning_wheel

    spinning_wheel New commenter

    Today after seeing the doctor I saw a tree in blossom and daffodils being sold in M&S.

    Spring is on it’s way.... hang on in there!
  19. princesslegend

    princesslegend Occasional commenter

    Exactly. It would end up with us on capabilities or something.
    All I know is that this is not sustainable.

    Half term cannot come quickly enough.

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