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Tacky TV

Discussion in 'Personal' started by ~stinkerbell~, May 21, 2011.

  1. Help! I've started watching really baaaad TV: Judge Judy (actually she is fab), Cops, Lock Up and Forensic Investigators. I can feel my brain cells shrivelling as I think about it. Tis kind of a delicious pleasure but I am hanging my head in shame. Arghhhh.
  2. Oh god - Unsolved Mysteries. I forgot Unsolved Mysteries!!
  3. I like a bit of tacky TV now and again, in the same way that I like to read a crappy novel. It helps me forget the reality of a crappy life at the mo.
    But too much **** makes me hunger for something with a bit of 'thought' to it.
    Like diet, a balance is necessary for me.
    That's why I would never criticise someone's TV choices on the basis of my own snobbery, yet get ****** off when **** TV seems to be the only thing people have to talk about.
    (Sorry! I'm drunk! Just had a fab TV free night!)
  4. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Although some of this may be a bit anal, it is not as bad as "reality" TV like Kardashians, Chelsea, Essex, My super sickly sixteen, wife swap, come whine with me and so on. Why can't they just show old films instead.
  5. Because there are too many Meeja graduates with wanky ideas desperately trying to show how cool they are. My plan is:
    1) Destroy Sky and all its works.
    2) Reduce the number of channels to fewer than 10.
    3) Put on old films/documentaries/dramas/comedies, but only high quality ones.
    4) Put sport onto terrestrial TV, especially cricket and England football and rugby games.

    cyolba, pining for the 80s :)
  6. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Not everybody likes films you know.
  7. I mentioned other programmes. Plus, you can always read a book or go for a walk. One thing that should be got rid of is this obsession with "reality" TV, which is the worst thing EVER to happen to mainstream media. It simply panders to the thick and lazy and makes them think their pointless witterings and lack of talent are worthy. Also, it has helped to spawn the "cult" of celebrity, another shameful stain on our nation.
    cyolba, in full Sunday morning rant mode :)
  8. Ahh yes - I remember Saturday afternoons BBC2 - there'd be a great black and white film on offer: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane / Angels With Dirty Faces / Carve Her Name With Pride. I grew up on that lot.
  9. anon468

    anon468 New commenter

    You sound exactly like my husband. You're not, are you...? [​IMG]
  10. lrw22

    lrw22 Senior commenter

    I watch this just to see how unbelievably spoilt some of these kids are! Can only stand for so long then have to switch it off.
  11. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    I love daytime tv. I very often find myself professing my love it such tv in the staffroom,just to annoy the "I barely ever watch tv" brigade. They so annoy me!
  12. Yesterday after flicking through the million and one TV chanels I cam across Hitchcock's Rear Window. It was lovely just to sit and watch something which was well acted, beautifully shot and had a great plot.
    I think there should be more of the good old films, decent dramas and some proper sport on regular telly. As for the programmes where women have fake b00bs, orange permatans and nails longer than an eagle's talons (yes, TOWIE and the like) can we reserves them only for prison inmates?

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