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Tackling Management

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by RH_MCMLXXXII, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. What is the best way to deal with these scenarios, to make it clear that I am not happy with them/offended by them, rather than just accepting?

    (1) HT tells you tales about other members of staff, eg complaints from parents.

    (2) The HT makes it clear that they're not impressed by another member of staff's reason for being absent that day.

    (3) The headteacher makes derogatory comments about the intelligence of the support staff.

    (4) In front of several people, HT informs you that they missed a course and tells you that you will not be popular with the course organisers.

    (5) On deciding classes for following year, HT asks you interview style question in front of a colleague, "Eg. What experience have you had with....?"

  2. Flyonthewall75

    Flyonthewall75 New commenter

    Okay, how about this approach? Be sure to respond in a manner that suggests genuine, professional concern.
    Do the staff know about the complaints that have been made against them?
    Is there a reason you believe they're not telling the truth?
    Do the support staff know how you feel?
    Why will you not be popular with the course organisers if they have missed a course?
    (If you have missed a course, tell the HT you will phone the organisers and apologise.)
    Lots of experience / some experience / very little experience but I'll do the best with any class I am allocated (because if you're the HT and you don't already know about my experience, my answer probably won't make any difference).
    The words in brackets are probably best said in your head rather than out loud.
    Of course, you could talk to your union rep, who will probably not want to get involved, or discuss the issues with your local association union secretary with a view to taking out a grievance.
    Unfortunately, unprofessional HTs are not that uncommon and sometimes it's initially best to take the concerned, professional approach as I have suggested in my above responses, in the hope they will modify their behaviour.
    If your HT catches you unaware with a question you feel is inappropriate, in the company of others, simply tell them that is something you would like time to consider, before getting back to them at a more appropriate time.
    If your HT makes an unprofessional remark about another member/s of staff, and you feel the need to respond, ask a professional question for clarification, as indicated above, so turning the focus back on the HT.
    If your HT makes an unprofessional remark about another member/s of staff, and asks for your opinion, simply tell them that is not something you would wish to comment on as it could be in breach of the LAs 'Fair Treatment at Work Policy'.
    Unless your HT lacks any common sense, they should take the hint. [​IMG]

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