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Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by hubcap, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    I think you have as good a chance as anyone. At the end of the day it depends what they are looking for, if they want experience in intervention schemes or such. I would put in for it not expecting anything, but if you get to interview stage just remember it is a TA position so do not talk too much about your QTS. Remember to concentrate on talking about helping children and focusing on their progression. Good luck!
  2. glenn_xp

    glenn_xp New commenter

    I think teachers should apply for jobs as a teacher. Not take work away from teaching assistants who are also struggling to find jobs.
    I would resent going up against a teacher for a job only for the teacher to get it instead of me, work 6 months and then *** off to a new school when they get a teaching job at 3 times the pay.
  3. Couldn't agree more.
  4. I respect your comment and I am not aiming anything at you at all, but what about those of us teachers who are struggling to find full time employment? Does that mean we are doomed to live for potentially a number of years on supply were we have no guarantee of an income each week/month? Only for us to be forced to find employment outside of education and leave the loop? With the greatest of respect a school will not hire someone as a TA just because they have QTS, it will be because they are the best person for the job, so I couldn't disagree with your comment more. Again, I mean no disrespect to you personally.
  5. Naive!! A TA with QTS is VERY handy for last minute teaching. That said, I personally don't have an issue with qualified teachers applying for TA jobs. We all have to work and everyone is entitled to apply for whichever job they meet the person spec for.
  6. glenn_xp

    glenn_xp New commenter

    Well this isn't aimed at you personally either Matt. The issue I have is people applying for permenant jobs in the knowledge they are just using them as a stop gap and will leave at the drop of a hat if something better comes along. Meanwhile an equally strong candidate who would commit to work at the school for the forseeable future might miss out because the only deciding factor is one has QTS and the other doesn't.
    Lets face it most schools would jump at the chance to hire a qualified teacher on TA pay.
    But yes, it is tough out there for everyone and I do understand your point about not wanting to leave education altogether.

  7. It shouldn't be a problem for you. I had a handful of interviews for TA jobs with QTS (which was more itnerviews than I had for teaching jobs) and i'm quite happy at the school I'm in at the moment!

    I'm on a one year contract. A lot of TA's are because of the way funding varies as statemented students come and go (apparantly) so the inevitable fact that you will be looking to move on into a teaching position at some point shouldn't be a deterrent to hiring you.

    I wasn't offered the position form one school because they felt I'd approached the interview from a teaching perspective rather than a support perspective. Depending on the level of the position, I'd be tempted to stress your ability to offer 1 to 1 support and your role with group work rather than your ability to plan outstanding lessons

    hope that's some use to you!
  8. brunetta

    brunetta New commenter

    Just want to say that I also qualified with QTS in July 2010 and like some others on here, have had more interviews for TA positions than for teaching positions (3 interviews for TA against 2 for teaching). I also encountered other NQTs at interview who'd also applied for the TA position.
    However, I did not get the TA jobs despite QTS. On 2 of those occasions, the jobs went to experienced TAs - they had more experience of mentoring, group work etc etc. The other job did go to a NQT (they liked her specialism). So I wouldn't assume that just 'cos someone has QTS they'll get the job; it very much depends on what the school is looking for.
    Why do I apply for TA positions? Because I can't get a teaching job. Because supply is irregular and because I want some stability and to have a relationship with a school and with children. Someone mentioned the poor TA salary - it's more than I earned on supply last year. If I don't get a job in the education sector soon I'll have to leave the sector completely.
    The TA jobs in my area are not advertised as permanent - they're all temporary contracts. Sometimes they advertise that job is available til August next year, sometimes the contract runs out at Easter.
    What about those TAs that are thinking of going into teaching? Should they not be TAs 'cos they're only looking at the job as a short term thing, to gain experience etc? There were a few people on my course who'd been TAs previously and I met others on placements.
    So Matt, good luck with your applications.

  9. I say go for it, as others have said support for SEN children is usually temporary and funding is changing again at the moment.
    My only word of warning is that some teachers feel threatened/ uncomfortable by other adults in the class ( we have 5 TA's in our primary lower maths class at the moment!!) so a qualified teacher might be a real problem for them. But that is their problem not yours but you do kinda need to 'know your place' to a certain extent. You are support staff. if its a general TA post it'll be mainly displays and photocopying!
    I work one to one with autistic children and to an extent have to plan lessons when I need to withdraw my boys so you'll have an advantage there!
    Good luck
  10. Sport22

    Sport22 New commenter

    Mat let us know if you get the job!
    I am applying for TA jobs and Cover Supervisor/Learning Manager/Pastoral Support worker jobs at the moment too! I have QTS but like many i am really struggling to find an actual teaching job! I have joined a supply agency but have not had any work as of yet, so looking for a full time job withn education, i need money to pay the bills, and the JSA does not cover them!! I don't see it as taking jobs off TA's of course my ideal job would be teaching, but any oppourtunity to work within a school and with pupils is something i see as gaining more experience, working within a sector that i have trained, and doing something i really enjoy.
    Lets hope i get some interviews!
  11. A Headteacher getting a teacher as a TA, how fantastic!
    Go for it!
  12. Matt,
    I took my teaching degree, but things did not work out as planned and I have become a TA. I've been doing it for the past five years and am happy doing what I do - I feel as though I get far more time to do what I wanted to get into education for (helping children with their work and providing experiences such as football matches for them) than when I was teaching. I would also find it very difficult to do other things that I do around the school, such as our website, if I was a teacher. Best of luck.

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