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TA supply work

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by LaureRichis, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. I have been a TA for over a decade and our school has never used a supply TA. Have you tried searching online?
  2. picsgirl

    picsgirl New commenter

    Hi, there are anumber of agencies in the area I live.
    Last year I did a course - the 4 other students all worked for the same agency, by the end of the year 2 had been taken on by the schools they were supplying in.
    2 worked full time ( I had done so since starting with the agency) the other 2 worked parttime - 1 had her hours cut to 1 day (she worked 1:1 in secondary and 1 of the children left for another school) but within weeks the agency had found her another place.
    I currently work as supply to the local school ( I worked there 5 afternoon a week there last year) but I've only been asked in twice since Sept. (Luckily I have another non-school job to keep money coming in).
    I'm considering contacting the agency to try and get more work for after Christmas ( I'm doing courses and volunteering at the moment).
    I also contact my Council today and they have an internal agency who supply TA's to school, so they are sending me info.
    As for agency pay - they adverts here state £45-55 per day. You don't get paid for sickness or holidays.
    Have a look online at your local jobcentre- they may have adverts for your local agencies.
  3. Hi,
    I was with two agencies for just under two years now have a perm job.
    The rates vary depending on your area and some on your qualifications, around me its £45-£50 per day.
    I found that in the run up to summer I was getting a lot of work, also during sept-oct I got a lot then it died down then would pick up around Jan-april.

    A variety of things cause this though.

  4. I have been paid anywhere from £45 - £60 depending on the role. I would suggest that you consider what other skills you have. I am listed with a number of agencies but will work in almost any role (including unqualified teacher, cover supervisor and administrator). If you have a variety of strings to your bow you can expect to be kept busier.
    I would also say that the level of work depends on the area. I know that the agencies around my area have been pushing the idea of cover TAs in order to expand their business and this has had a positive effect on my employment.
    Generally, my advice would be:
    1. Sign up with at least 3 or 4 agencies.
    2. Be open in terms of the type of work you would be willing to accept.
    3. Work hard on any placement and be positive. If you prove yourself to be reliable and hard-working word gets back to the agency and you become their first call!
    4. Don't expect to be busy every day. If you want stability this is not a good place to be. Having said that, if you prove yourself, you quite often find that you are taken on long-term/permanent by one of the schools you temp in. (This has happened at least 4/5 times for me!)
  5. picsgirl

    picsgirl New commenter

    Emmaj - were you able to specify which schools/area you wanted to work in?
    I'm about to go down this route (no vacancies in this area- but temp work) but I'm a very nervous driver when travelling to places I'm unfamiliar with, but anxious that if I turn down a school that is difficult to get to from my home, will the agency be less likely to contact me for future work?
  6. To some extent, yes, I was able to pick and choose. I would suggest investing in a sat nav - it helps a lot. I said to the agencies that I was willing to travel but that if I felt the distance did not warrant the pay then I would refuse. All of them were more than happy with that. As long as you're polite and say why you're refusing then you shouldn't have a problem. When I did refuse, I always stressed that I still wanted to be contacted regarding other posts. At the end of the day, I wasn't going to do a 100 mile round trip for £45!
    If you have a preference in terms of age range then say so. I would say though, that it is worth going outside your comfort zone. The last supply job that I accepted (dubiously at first) was in a prison. I ended up loving it and have now got a permanent contract!
  7. It is around £65 for Secondary & around £50 for Primary...Agencies are known to vary the rates slightly...it is worth registering with two agencies.

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