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TA Scales- I'm confused!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Minnieminxz, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Hi :)
    I was a TA untill 2006, as I left to have my son, and am now applying for local TA jobs as he's now full time in Reception year.
    I notice a lot of talk on here about TA grade2 and 3... but althought I went on a lot of one day courses, and did a ta introductory course when i started,(1999) I don't remember doing a specific course to become a grade 2 etc.
    I worked there for 7 years, did emergency over with another TA ( who started same time as me, not an HTLA) when a teacher was sick or late, and took groups of up to 12 children for set lessons in my own small room outside the class , and took ALS lessons. I did all the prep and marking and was given prep time for this too.
    I'm guessing this made me a L2 Ta... but I don't have any certificates etc to show at any upcoming interviews.
    I was about to go on the HTLA course, when I had to leave, which was a shame, as an HTLA post has been advertised locally!
    Also, is there still funding for HTLAs.. or could i do it privately?
    I already study, and have almost finished my degree, and have 2 Diplomas, so if I get the job I'm after I'd really hope that they'd eventuallly consider me to do the course .
    Thanks for your time, any info would be appreciated!

  2. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    If you have no certificates, you have no level. You could state your experience in your application letter. The funding fot HLTA has been stopped. Im not sure if you can do it privatley or how much it is. You could mention your degree and diplomas in your letter. I havent heard of any schools that are paying to fund any of their staff, seems now that they hope to find people that have already done the course. Theres no harm in applying for anything, never know until you try.
  3. picsgirl

    picsgirl New commenter

    The level of the job doesn't necessarily equate to the level of qualifications.
    I'm level 1 - I have no TA qualifications yet - I'm 99% finished my level 2 apprenticeship - but I will still be a level 1 on completion.
    In our school there are a few level 3 TA's most have level 3 qualifications others have years of experience.
    Most of the TA's are level 1, some have no qualifications, some level 2 others level 3 - yet they are all paid the same rate and all do the majority of what the level 3 TA's do.
    Our school will not employ level 2 TA's -

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