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Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by siclarke78, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Hi, I am currently a TA level 2, after almost two years of doing this role my school have advised me that they want to put my scale and pay down to a TA Level 1. Their reasoning behind this is that I do not cover lessons. I have checked my TA Level 2 job description and I do everything on that. There is one grey area which they are disputing it says "should occasionally supervise lessons". I do this on a regular basis when teachers have to deal with something or the teacher is absent and waiting for cover. However I have now been advised that I am expected to cover whole lessons and because I haven't done that they want to lower my scale. Please can anyone help and advise me on this. Does anyone know if TA Level 2 should cover whole lessons?.

  2. I'm a TA2 and I don't cover as part of my regular duties. I am occasionally asked, but I am given every option to say no, without any backlash. TA1 is generally whole class support, no teaching outside the classroom at all.. not even small group work. TA2 includes group work outside the classroom and TA3 has some class clover included.
  3. Moo.
  4. This is the whole problem with TA pay and conditions and with the abolition of the School Support Staff Negotiating Body there is little chance of a national standard of pay and conditions. Individual Heads are therefore able to make decisions on TA grades and how tempting it must be to downgrade TA's and save a chunk of the wage budget.
    Have you contacted your Trade Union representative?
    I can only tell you about my own school. All TAs are paid at level 3- most have NVQ level 2 or 3 but some of the longer serving TAs have no formal qualifications. All will occasionally cover a whole class but this is not a planned or regular occurence. Only HLTAs cover whole classes and are paid at full HLTA rate.
    Our Head values TAs and provides a programme of training for all the TA team. TAs then feel valued and become highly skilled and remain within the school and the Head is paid back in spades because the TAs are motivated and will go that extra mile for the school.
    It is a very short term approach that your Head is taking and it will demotivate you and force you to start looking elsewhere. TA pay is pretty poor at the best of times and taking pay away from someone seems really harsh. Fair enough if you accepted the job at that rate but to start you off on one pay rate and then cut it seems unfair.
    Let us know how you get on with this problem.
  5. That is awful!Are you in GMB or such? If so then ring them and get advice!!!I really do not think that you can have your pay downgraded!!You have achieved that level...end of story!!!
    I am level 3 and twice a week take classes in whichever subject their class teacher decides, usually a discreet subject...P.E, I.C.T etc...I was asked to do this last year and accepted as I have been a TA for 11 years and needed a stretch!
    You really must seek expert advice and don't just roll over and accept this...some HT's do just take the mickey to be fair!!
  6. Thank you for this, the stupid thing is that in my role I do pretty much anything that is asked, I have covered lessons and for a whole 8 months looked after 'excluded pupils' on my own with no support. I know its just a money saving scheme. I have called my union and checked various job descriptions. Its my understanding that you can not take a pay level down without reasonable cause. Its a joke
  7. Thanks for your response, It just seems so obvious what they are doing, but it is out of order. I have a list of things that I (and I am sure you and all TA'S do) that are not on my job spec, but do them anyway and don't mind. I am sure they can not just take pay away from me though?

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