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TA Level One Job Application

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Lottie03, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Thank you for your reply - feel better knowing I'm not being unrealistic.
    Will definitely look into those things! :)
  2. helpfulfriend

    helpfulfriend New commenter

    you are certainly not unrealistic applying for jobs the more you applyy for the more experience you have at the whole interview technique which is a major plus. I'm dreadful at interviews as I find 'bigging myself up' really hard. I would defo recommend asking to visit the school beforehand as this shows you are really interested in the school. Don't give up there is a job out there for you.
  3. picsgirl

    picsgirl New commenter

    As others have said - apply, what do you have to loose.

    You're lucky to have any to apply for, there are nearly 100 primary schools in city, not a single vacancy.

    Not sure how much longer I can work as a relief TA for - there just isn't any work.
  4. Thank you for all your helpful replies!
    I would love to visit the schools only I work full time and keeping all this on the lowdown until I need to leave for obvious reasons.
    Fingers crossed I get something eventually!

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