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TA Level 2 course

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Gmburt, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. Can anyone please help me, I am doing my Level 2 TA course, and I am stuck on Assignment 6 work placement evidence

    Q Take note of children and young people's responses to own practice

    how ow much do you need to write for work place evidence ?
  2. Belle60_3

    Belle60_3 New commenter

    couple of paras minimum should do it.
  3. samcatlover

    samcatlover New commenter


    I literally wrote quarter of a paragraph! Starting off when pupils arrive and what I do to support them by walking around with enthusiasm and positive behavior, I also cross referenced this question by stating it was witnessed and assessed in setting part of TDA 2.7-1.2, 2.1!!! Don't know whether your completing exact course or not?? Talk about what you actually do in your setting whether you support around the classroom or particular ability group, giving feedback to class teacher, mention whether you have completed any observations whilst directing the children and how they reacted. Hope this helps. Good luck : ))
  4. Thank you, so much that has helped, with the work placement evidence I find it difficult to decide how much they need, and what evidence they need, but I will get there, many thanks.

    I am following the book supporting teaching and learning in schools, which I find really good,

    Thank you again.:)
  5. samcatlover

    samcatlover New commenter

    No probs, just inbox me if you need any help with others :)
  6. Hi Thank you, I have nearly finished the course, but I have got a bit stuck on how to answer some of the work placement tasks, for example assignment 7 maintain and support relationships with children and young people. WPE 4 - Demonstrate how to establish rapport and respectful, trusting relationships with children and young people.

    WPE 6 Demonstrate supportive and realistic responses to children and young people's questions, ideas, suggestions and concerns.

    Thank you :)
  7. samcatlover

    samcatlover New commenter

    Hi, Maintain and support relationships, I didn't have to do written task for this it was all assessed in my setting, my assessor asked me questions, I discussed patience and sharing can be difficult ( i worked with 4-5 yrs) that distraction is a good way of dealing with it, also listening to each child within conflict is important, taking sides is not appropriate, need to discuss and agree on different approach and not to leave without making friends.

    How to establish respectful trusting relationships? Children need to feel secure and valued, you have to be an effective role model and to demonstrate you have good relationships in your interactions, which allows a supportive and caring environment where children can learn and develop.

    Being approachable, have good communicating and listening skills, listening without interruption, giving children opportunity to put forward their ideas and to express themselves, using correct body language the child will understand your showing an interest, when interacting maintain eye contact go to their eye level as not to intimate them.

    To get mutual respect you must set firm boundaries, classroom behaviour dealing with the well and bad behaved children, using praise and discipline, not to have a favourite pupil and single out others and establish a professional relationship with the pupils' families.

    Don't know whether there any good or not!!!!!

    : ) x
  8. Hi thank you, so much, yes I am in reception and also work with Key stage 2 children, I am just a little bit confused with assements where they say demonstrate if that means as you say talking to the class teacher, and them to sign the WPE off, I am thinking of e-mailing them to find out. Did you send in anything like observation sheets, what type of evidence did you send in, ? But thank you that really has helped me, I just find sometimes working out what they really what and how much they need.

    I am enjoying doing my course however, and enjoy working in the classrooms.

    Thank you again I really appreciate it. :) x
  9. samcatlover

    samcatlover New commenter

    I think demonstrate means how you would go about situations and the assessor observing you in setting, although I filled in observations my assessor didn't ask for any, my class teacher knew I filled some in that had been used for their learning journeys, only evidence I used wasn't for that section, I got hold of different colour first aid letters that got sent home (head injuries) IBP/IEP sheets with names covered over to show communication between teachers/parents and outside agencies, forms that had to be filled in for school trips (health/safety) I had to take photos of my display work I completed on my own initiative. My assessor was fab she always said I provided more than enough evidence I always asked her as some questions I really didn't understand, no matter how many times I read over it she explained it in detail and what kind of thing to write!

    To be honest I completed the course around 6 months but found it totally stressful as some of it I really didn't understand and with working in the day family to look after in the evening, but hey ho, did it.

    Have you asked your setting for a job once your qualified? I assume your there voluntary?

    : ) x
  10. Thank you so much, I just find the way they write the WPE 's it is difficult to work out want they need. I have done a few observations, and I have been observed a couple of times with feedback, so I was going to send them in as well, and some copies of lesson plans.

    Yes I have a job there. Thank you for your help, I will try and not to ask any more questions!!

    Thank you again.:)x
  11. samcatlover

    samcatlover New commenter

    No probs, take care, nice 'talking' with you : ) xx
  12. Thank you, sorry!! Hopefully last question!!! I am just going through all my work before sending in my profile etc,I wondered if you can help with In Assgnment 5 Q describe how inclusion works in own sector of children's workforce' . This is not a Work place evidence a task, I not sure if I have written enough as I have only written a short paragraph. I am sorry to be a paine. Many thanks :)x
  13. samcatlover

    samcatlover New commenter

    Don't worry your not a pain! That last question, mine was split into two questions which I was given 2 A4 sheets included in the course: Describe what is meant by inclusion and inclusive practice in your workplace & How does your setting demonstrate and implement inclusion and inclusive practices? So... 1st Q: To provide a good education to all pupils, and removing barriers to those who fall outside the mainstream of education. Those with behavioural needs as defined in the Children Act, Disability Discrimination Act & Special Educational needs code of Practice. This ranges from pupils with behavioural problems, disability needs & those with specific abilities.

    To identify those pupils, ensuring that they are all valued as individuals & are given the opportunities to areas of curriculum whether they need extra support. To a gifted child where they are set higher levels but within the same classroom environment. So both can achieve to their higher potential.

    To ensure the school is to be seen practising the equal opportunities policy and requires full commitment .

    Q2: The aim of my setting (mention your school name) is to give every pupil the opportunity of experiencing success in learning by tailoring each lesson to suit the abilities of the pupil. This encourages the pupil and gives the teacher a firm foundation for the pupil to achieve as high standard as possible.

    I then wrote about my school has a provision for so many pupils who have a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and cater for pupils who have moderate learning difficulties. Wrote about the room environment and that it was based within the school environment and which allows pupils to be involved in school assemblies, playground activities. PE & lunchtime clubs etc. Wrote about it follows National curriculum but modified to the pupils requirements and specialised staff provides holistic approach to meeting their needs. It is not only an environment were the pupils feel secure but has specialised equipment ranging wheelchair access, dimmed lighting etc (obv write about your setting) This is to help with the transition to a wider formal environment. This is achieved with a number of recognised tests and observations which are reviewed annually and discussed with the pupils parents. This all helps with the inclusion of the pupil to mainstream school and is closely monitored of this process.

    Every member of staff including Governors has been given specific roles and responsibilities to ensure that the inclusion policy is managed and effective.

    PHEW!!!!!! Hope that helps
  14. samcatlover

    samcatlover New commenter

    By the way. Forgot to say I filled 2 full sides and quarter of the next page I was provided which was passed : )
  15. A real big thank you, I will try not to ask anymore Q.it is just with some of the work place evidence the question is not clear if they just want something from the teacher to say they have discussed it with you, or want. And I worry I am not giving enough information, I have nearly finished the course, but is just really the work evidence on the last few assignments struggling with, hey goes I will get there in the end!!!!!!

    Thank you so much again. :) x
  16. samcatlover

    samcatlover New commenter

    Well you must be doing something right, If your at the end of your course and your assessor hasn't said anything, I wouldn't worry, the only evidence I provided is what i said previously, and my assessor had an informal talk with me and my class teacher giving feedback on me... That's it... Don't worry!
  17. Ok, thank you, I must say some of the WPE questions i don't really understand what they really want. I contacted my tutor and he said, that I can't use any evidence more than once, so I can't use the same on different assignments, and every Task and WPE's have to be answered separately!!!

    I have a couple more assignments left, but I have to send them in order, so some i can't send off until I finished the one before!!!!! I am finding Assignment 7 WPE's difficult. Did your teacher write anything to confirm you had a conversation with them, for any of the WPE's or send in any observations.?

    Can I ask you how many hours did you do in the classroom in total?

    Are you still working as a TA?

    Thank you so much again for all your help. :) x
  18. samcatlover

    samcatlover New commenter

    Your's sounds a little different to mine I did level 2 but I could cross reference answers on different assignments instead of writing the same sort of thing, that was allowed. I don't think my teacher did write anything down she told my assessor when she visited me in my setting what I did and my assessor noted it, that was it! For my course I had to do 12 hours a week in a classroom, so I did 2 full days along with my other (old) job so it slotted in quite well.

    After I qualified I did supply work for 3 months then got taken on in a school where I was supplying, it's full time and I come home physically and mentally shattered, I do more hours than my contract 36, I go in @ 8.10 as the kids come in @8 .45 my hours are meant to start @ 8.30 but that doesn't give you any time to set up, then I have stayed to at least 5 to 5.15pm!!! Not good, I have fixed term contract, till July I've heard good feedback from teachers and other TA's but I don't know whether I would want to stay!!!!! Don't know?????
  19. Thank you, yes my course is distance learning, so I don't think my assessor has to come in to the school. I have a year to do it in, so I just want to finish it now. My course says you have to do between 40-50 hours aweek,and I assuming that is over the year, but I have already done well over that. I just find that the questions are not that easy to understand what they are really after espicially for WPE. Thank you again for all your help, good luck for July.

  20. Hi sorry me again!!! I am doing my last Assigment !!!! 11 all about prepare and maintaining learning environments

    A work placement evidence

    Organise learning environments to meet

    a) the requirements of the planned learning activities

    b) the age range of learners involved

    C) any particular needs of the learners

    Q : Follow organisational procedures for reporting deficiencies, damage and shortfalls in stocks of equipment and materials.

    I wondered if you have any ideas, did you have this Assignment?

    I assume you are on half term now, and hope you are having a restful time.

    Thank you again for all your help. xx:)

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