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TA job withdrawn

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by sa242004, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. sa242004

    sa242004 New commenter

    Hi I have a question, with a very long explanation sorry-lol.
    The main thing is- I was offered a job in July full time teaching assistant. We had a verbal contract, but not anything else. I have emails and mesages and phone calls confirming the job is mine. Not only that I was given start dates , possible salary etc. Heres my long explanation, if anyone know if I am able to take legal action or not? I’m unsure who to contact other than my aunt who is a barrister... but this problem is a little embarrassing tbh...I spent 2 months running afte rthese people and still dont know what the real reason. it cant posisbly be just about the 1 refrence...
    I was given not offered- the job is clearly mine. But it never actually started and nearly 3 months later-waiting to start in the ‘school’ I was MAILED by the ‘manager ND) and told she can no longer let me join the school. Her reasoning is very complicated so please bear with me as I explain. Her mail read that I don’t have the job because my ‘references were not given on time’. I was never given an actual deadline. I had a verbal contract with these people...how is it legal for them to just take away a job position I held for 3 months? I know i never actually started at the school but still, I never looked for any other school positions because of this.
    Basically, in July 2017; I was offered a job in the early years . This was after a good interview, followed by a trial. I was not told what my role would be as it was an open role either in reception/nursery. Unfortunately there is no contract. I asked repeatedly during August, I didn’t even salary information or what rol e I would have. The interviewer (fake name) ND, texted me and said that the ‘admin’ would contact me ‘with my information pack’- but she was “unsure of my salary. This ND is a manager for her deferment, of course she would know. This particular school had moved location 4 times, when I had the interview it was a ‘temporary’ location that looked like a house but was not I can’t explain it –sorry. I actually did not mind even working in t his temporary location, I really just wanted a good job. The following months proved how these 2 PERTICULAR INDIVIDUAL people run the school.
    I was invited into a whatsapp group chat with all the teachers, by the 2nd interview lady; who doesn’t need to be named. I contacted this 2nd interviewer during august & asked if she needed my help. This school was now moving for the 4th time from their temporary ‘school’ location to a building. But they had not found one yet! When they finally found one, ND 9the manager Im having a problem with) *asked* if anyone could come in to *help* out in the school. This was not a formal request or anything. So I went... The school had moved to a tuition centre..it is a small building that was literally in shambles inside. They had plumbers working on the ground floor bathroom; the upstairs bathroom had paint and was so disgusting-i couldn’t use it! But they had children using this unsafe bathroom. The fact that they had children already there was really stupid. They had years 1 and above, something like that- I’m not too sure. Now my mistake in this is allowing something like this and just thinking it’s ok. Looking back it really wasn’t. I saw a child coming down from the bathroom. As i went myself upstairs I saw how big the door was and the horrible mess in the bathroom. I wandered how safe it was for small children to be suing messy adult bathrooms with such heavy doors I had a little trouble opening them. I did mention the UNCLEANSINESS of the bathroom to college...she didn’t respond to it. I had to go out to use the bathroom in a gym lol. I came back & ND said –“(my name) has already had HER 15 minute break- who wants to go for theirs..?” LOL! I assumed this was volunteering at no point in time was this said to be a working day... I had only 30 mins of lunch etc. During that day I was told by ND, that my DBS had not started- I was so extremely shocked. It was the last 10 days of August we were due to start in September! I stayed back late went to this so called admin.
    This admin showed me initial application I filled & brought in with me back in July. One of my references the letter was written over again- so to make it clear as there was a mistake underneath it. 100% it is eligible to read, she said she wrote it as something different and thats why she never heard back from them! I went away really anxious about getting my references in. The following weeks the admin showed me how she really was. Im not insulting any admins here I’ve done similar work and my family is in admin too. I know I would not conduct myself as she had done. This admin would take ages to reply to me, she took ages to send me so called ‘pack’...I never actually received a pack! The truth of the matter is this admin was on holiday prior to me seeing her during my volunteering days! So is this why she took so long to send my references, because there is no reason from July-to end of August that a reference for a daycare centre that is open-would take that long! Why did she never contact me? Answers she or her so-called manager never gave me. I actually ended up getting the daycare reference she couldn’t read properly! Within one day of ringing up the company, thank God. I now have a copy for myself. I kept contacting ND, and asking when I would be starting, She must of got tired as she replied in such a rude was to me. She basically said that “do not contact me through whatsapp again please contact through SCHOOL admin”. Exactly that not “contacts ME” but contact “school admin EMAIL”! I responded "that i was merly going to tell her that her admin explained why her school needed a new dbs"
    ...As I already had a current valid DBS which they were refusing to accept. This message was not that rude. I did receive a message from ND saying for m “to concentrate on getting my references this week” ...Nothing more nothing less. No dead line -no get it done by the end of the week or your fired etc.... I can get verbatim what she said and post it later as its already too long this post sorry:(L I got a message during end of September from ND saying this “ You cannot start on Monday at work because i CAN NOT BE AROUND CHILDREN BEACSUE i DO NOT HAVE A DBS”. I was so angry I called her , no answer; called Admin no answer even though she was online on whatsapp lol.
    The worse about that Sunday was that all of the teachers went in to the school; they ordered pizza and were talking about in the same whastgroupp lol I was in! I never even told about coming in on Sunday the nerve. I had the children’s name tags with me, I messaged ND about me not starting the next day no answer not even a read! I got a call from my college I was so upset, she basically told me she sounded like she was in a rush saying “give me your address I need to pick the name tags up ...! I asked her if ND was with her, SHE SAID YES...LOL. But i kept trying pushing on. I even managed to find a job in October, Thank God. It’s a temporary one most likely ending very soon in a call center.... No school jobs as Ive started my search a few days ago because of already being ofered/given a job by this school in july.
    The final straw was 2 or 3 weeks ago; I get an EMAIL from ND saying ** “ We can no longer give you this position as you never gave in your references in on time “! ** I was so shocked I rang ND, no answer – I rang admin no . This admin hardly ever contacted me; I found a temporary job in October. I sent a copy of the email from my old job daycares centre to this ‘admin’...no response for 2 days!! . So I messaged again saying “I have the reference, did you receive my other reference? When can I start?” Admin did not answer my question; instead she said I need to contact ‘ND’. I messaged back and said “Your telling me contact ND- and then ND is telling me to contact you. No response to that....A few days later.....

    I get the job withdrawl message. No real reason has still been given as to why htey messed me around like this. I know part of it is my fault- I admit. I should of just left the school reference and gave a different one. The company daycare centre reference was sorted-done. But reason why i wanted the school reference was because O had an amazing time there. The teachers...I got on so well with , got on with support staff etc. That school meant a lot to me, I volunteered there during my course. I NEEDED ths reference in particular, but should of just left it. So because of this 2 reference, they withdrew a job? What about giving everything else eon time? Going in to volunteer-which turned out to be ‘work day’, with no pay lol!!??
    I have asked around, my friend who worked in a school for a while told me to report them. As I have a verbal contract. My mother lol is aying to keep trying, erm not now. Not after repeated requests for information and many emails and messages asking for a meeting with these so called manage and admin. I wanted to see a head teacher; I also asked to speak to the governor. Lol before anyone thinks thats too far reason I asked is because this school is very small. Mainly run on donations. There website last I checked in October still has me listed as their teaching assistant! But no head teacher is listed! After admin sent me the message about me having to contact ND, I asked for a meeting. A that point it was beyond ridiculous. Then I just kept emailing and messaging for a meeting because they were not responding.
    So after all this explanation does anybody think I should go to Offsted OR a work tribunal? I don’t think the children are in danger. Just that the manager is somewhat careless and the admin is incompetent. But this admin is extremely incompetent dealing with personnel files and children! The manager is just as incompetent. When she finally spoke to me in the beginning of October on the phone (shock!) She said her admin was saying I was the **one delaying the process.** I denied it as its false explained her admin has not been responding to me and I DO HAVE A reference to give why was this not given to ND. She didn’t know..! I was disgusted. I kept it professional, but when i sai my aunt is in legal...not that’s she’s a barrister. My point was I was saying I can know about legal stff if need be. She replied with “I don’t like where this conversation is going” I apologised. I thought the conversation went well after that. I asked for a meeting she said she will need to clarify with he r’admin’ with what I said. .....no response from ND. until yesterday, when she mailed and said she can’t have a meeting ”She is busy as are the governors”. Then I asked please redirect me to someone who can help....She said she “is the manager and she is the senior member of staf” lol...Their website does not have a head teacher listed, a school can’t be that small that there’s no head teacher! There is up to year 5 I’m sure. She is merely manager of early years! I have not responded to her email from yesterday as she’s just said now “We are going around in circles, please...EMAIL school admin”. This is so pathetic now, and that’s why its embarrassing. I still do not believe that the reference was the problem. She didn’t get a 2nd reference ok; why not answer me when I said I could get a DIFFERENT one?!
    Do I have a legal case or this a matter for Offsted? I iwll ask her, or migh t just have to go to my aunt. Which i don’t really want to do simply ebacus thi matter is so disheartening. What do I do?
    Thanks for any help.
  2. grumbleweed

    grumbleweed Lead commenter

    I'm soory you have had a bad experience but I must admit to having difficulty in following the full story. This must be a private school as you talked about it being small and moving 3 times. This in itself suggests alarm bells to me as change of premises has to be approved. . Can you check if it is actually registered legally as a school and any inspection outcomes.
    Whether you complain or report them lies in what exactly you are complaining about. Your post above is quite difficult to follow so you would need to be quite precise with dates and details if you want to report them. On safety in the bathroom for example although some time has elapsed since then.
    Regarding the job itself, usually a job comes with the proviso of 'subject to satisfactory references' and with no written contract and no start date I'm really not sure there is much you can do.to be honest you are much better off out of there, as it really doesn't sound like a great place to work.

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