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TA job withdrawn HELP

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by laylala, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. laylala

    laylala New commenter


    My mum has been through a difficult time, financially and personally, over the years.

    She was jobless for a while and so managed to complete a TA course at a local college.

    She has since only been able to get a volunteering role in a school for 2 years, which went well. The school, however, never had any vacancies so she could not get paid work there.

    After another year of being unpaid for work, my mum applied to plenty of TA roles. She finally got a job offer (HURRAH) in an area near family and a full time position. She enrolled my younger sister to the same school, got the place, bought uniform and everything else. My mum also tried to secure a home closer to this school. After 2 weeks of believing my young sister and my mum would both be starting at this school (on my mum's birthday btw!) my mum receives a phone call from the school. The headteacher explained that she got a 'less than good reference' from her college tutor, suggesting that she could not make 'good relationships' and would not be suitable for the role.

    We're all fuming about this. My mum had no clue her college tutor would, or could, leave such a reference. She enjoyed her course thoroughly, managed to pass all her coursework and was always on time, engaging in activities etc etc. She was never told that she had somehow failed in making good relationships, in fact, she felt rather the opposite. She felt she had made good relationships with course members, students and fellow teachers.

    Is it ok for a college tutor to leave such a reference that results in someone losing a job? Sacrificing so many other things? It seems SO unprofessional of the college tutor to jeopardise someone's chance of getting a job. My mum is distraught and doesn't know what to do next as this is the most recent 'professional' that she can use for a reference. She's panicking, thinking that no one will give her a job in teaching now.

    Tips or support anyone?

    Also, if any TA full time jobs are available in Hillingdon/ Ealing area, we'd be truly grateful!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks a bunch.

    Layla x
  2. CatBingo

    CatBingo New commenter

    I think your mum needs to try and get a copy of the reference, for starters and somehow get the tutor to explain their reasons for this statement.
    mini_williams likes this.
  3. Flanks

    Flanks Senior commenter

    I would recommend reposting this to workplace dilemmas, lots of expertise there on things like this.
  4. Scousesquirrel

    Scousesquirrel New commenter

    Can I ask did she get a letter offering the job, then formally accept it? As far as I am aware thy can't then just change their mind.

    Also she is entitled to see a copy of the references under the data protection act and the new data protection laws.
    mini_williams likes this.
  5. serenitypolly41

    serenitypolly41 Occasional commenter

    Did your mom experience problems with the college placement. I dont undetstand why this wasnt relayed to her. Who did she ask to provide her with a reference? Did she seek permission first?

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