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TA Job Interview Task: Urgent Help Needed!

Discussion in 'English' started by ozzyrob, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. ozzyrob

    ozzyrob New commenter

    I am a Teaching Assistant who has an interview tomorrow morning at 9am. I've been asked to do the following: plan a 10-minute session for 4 Year 3 children. Choose an age appropriate picture book, short story or non-fiction text, and plan any activity that explores language, vocabulary or punctuation.

    Although I've been working as a supply TA for some time, I've spent hardly any time with Year 3 or 4. Can anyone please offer ANY suggestions ASAP?
  2. roamingteacher

    roamingteacher Established commenter Forum guide

    Gees - that's a short time frame!
    Did you have a look in the Resources section, using the filters to find example activities for that age range?
  3. install

    install Star commenter

    Go with your gut instinct ...

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