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TA interview

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Keepinfaith, May 7, 2011.

  1. Keepinfaith

    Keepinfaith New commenter

    Hi I am sure someone can help I have an interview on Monday for a TA position . I have never been to an interview for such a position although , I had been voluneering as a Secondary TA for a while ( it's not my placement school) .Can someone tell me what it entails please ? also in the interview letter it states that they are going to assess my suitability to work with children. They are also asking for my ID and proof of address ....is this normal . Sorry if these are silly questions!!!
  2. *h*

    *h* New commenter


    Well done on getting the interview

    has made a good list of questions. If the school have a number of
    pupils with English as an additional language, you may be asked how you
    would support them - you may be asked this in regards to working with
    children with SEN statements, or children who have difficulties with
    reading too. Think also about what skills you will bring to the role.

    ID and proof of addres as part of the 'suitability to work with
    children' is for your CRB form and if you haven't already completed one,
    you may be asked to so that they can send it off straight away should
    they offer you the job. They may also want to observe you with a class.

    I would think that the interview will involve the school head and the head of department (or someone else within SMT) at least, but be prepared for the possibility of the interview involving a panel involving others too... At the risk of sounding terrifying, I know of someone who had a panel of 5, but I think that's quite rare!

    If you have a portfolio with your relevant qualifications in, it may be worthwhile taking it along too

    Good luck :)

  3. Keepinfaith

    Keepinfaith New commenter

    Thanks so much to you both !!!!
  4. tamtams

    tamtams New commenter

    Hi Keepinfaith how did the interview go?
  5. Keepinfaith

    Keepinfaith New commenter

    It's been changed to next week Wednesday ! I will definitely update . BTW is there anywhere I can search for questions and model answers ????for the interview Kind thanks
  6. tamtams

    tamtams New commenter

    Hi Keepinfaith. To write a list of possible questions would take ages as there are so many that could be asked, are you after specific questions and answers?
  7. Congrats on getting the interview.......the 1st interview I went on I tried to find example questions and think of suitable (or what I would call suitable) answers that would impress. There are soooo many that there could be.
    On the day the questions were completely different to the ones that I had tried to 'forsee' and my mind went blank?!
    Needless to say I didn't get that job......but on my second interview at different school I just spent time looking at some of their policies (behaviour was very useful) and tried very hard not to panic and just think about staying positive. I came out of the interview happy, knowing I couldn't have done much better with the answers I had given.
    I got the job and the Head said the interview was the strongest element of the interview (also had a 20 mins written test and 20 mins of teaching to do) I think I tried too hard in the 1st one. :/
    Good luck for wed
  8. Other questions you might consider sweetie -
    1. How much experience and what type have you had working with
    students? (That would include church school, private school, baby
    sitting and public school work)

    2. How do you think children learn best (reading from a textbook,
    doing workbook pages, doing hands on activities, taking field trips,
    doing project work, working alone or working in pairs ?) You might want
    to research online and look at some ideas for teaching children

    3. What activities do you enjoy doing the most with students?

    4. How do you manage student behaviour when it starts to get out of control?
    (e.g. two students are talking and not paying attention while you are
    giving directions)

    5.How do you give feedback to students when they give you incorrect or partly incorrect answers?

    6. How do you give feedback to students when they get the right answer.

    I would also add that you should not be afraid to think for a second
    before you reply. An articulate response that is well reasoned is much
    better than a quickly thrown out reply.Dont rehearse, be yourself it will show.

    Are you ambitious, do you want to develop your strengths, are you willing to train and improve your capacity for the job?

    They may put forward a scenario between you and a child with special needs
    or behavioural issues or statement - be yourself and dont be a hero answer genuinly and if you dont know
    say so it's the better answer.
    Hope this helps.

  9. Hi

    I went for an interview for a temporary position as a Secondary TA last December.

    It was my first interview as a TA too and i wasn't sure what to expect when i arrived as i hadn't received anything in writing, just a phone call. ( Sods law it was all waiting for me when i got home !)

    It was a whole day interview. which came as a bit of a shock ! Initially we were given a talk about the school and then we were all shown around the department

    We had an informal break for coffee where we met the other TA's who worked there. It was a bit daunting to realise that half of the candidates were NQTs too !

    After the break we were put into pairs and were put in different working situations with the children and asked to take over from the TA running the group task.

    We had to take over a reading group, encourage and support special needs children in a maths task, do a words based activity, and help withpupils with English as a second language. We probably spent about 15 minutes on each task altho it just went so quickly i could be wrong!

    We were then interviewed by the children ( Approx 8 of them led by a TA and they asked prepared questions such a about what we would do in different situations what hobbies we had ) some of the children doing the interviewing were going to be supported by new TA and they also had an input into who was going to be taken on. After that we were then given a written test which was asking us what we would do in a specific situation.

    We then broke for lunch which was provided and were again mixing with the other TA's and some teaching staff as well as special needs children who had the lunch away from the main hall.

    We were observed all the way thro and and i have to say it was much better than it probably sounds. You didn't have much time to think and just had to get stuck in.

    After lunch we were then called individually for interview by a panel of four including the head of department, two members of teaching staff and a senior TA.

    I really can't remember a lot about the interview as i was really nervous and felt that i struggled to string a sentence together !!!!

    I was totally shocked to be offered the job later that evening. But was advised that the school preferred to make their decisions based on how we related to the children and not just on how we performed in an interview situation.

    Unfortunately now the TA i covered for has now returned and i am looking again..........

    I now have my first primary TA interview coming in 2 weeks......... so any help would be welcome !!!!!!!!

    Good Luck !!!!
  10. Keepinfaith

    Keepinfaith New commenter

    Thanks for the Sarah we can only hope *sigh* as I am going to have to start volunteering again !
  11. Keepinfaith

    Keepinfaith New commenter

    * thanks for the supportive post Sarah
  12. Volunteering and temping apear to be the way to gain experience, will keep you posted on how I get on with the latest batch of applications. Done 5 just in the last week all closing Friday, Monday with interviews pre half term.

    Keep us posted how you get on.

  13. Hi As a TA working in a secondary setting the trend of late for interviews of late include a small teaching session with a group of pupils be warned they usually throw in some behavour issues pupils to see how you fare! don,t be put off by this though as if you go prepared you,ll be ok show then whose boss! good luck etc
  14. Keepinfaith

    Keepinfaith New commenter

    Thank you all for the wealth of information . I know it's going to be helpful to others too , I will definitely keep you all updated .
  15. Keepinfaith

    Keepinfaith New commenter

    Hi All , didnt get the job but apparently I was close . I was also advised that if they have another vacancy I should apply ... Thanks for all the help everyone .
  16. tamtams

    tamtams New commenter

    So sorry to hear about your job interview, but head up and class it as experience towards your next interview, did they bring the interview forward as you said it was for wednesday.
  17. Keepinfaith

    Keepinfaith New commenter

    Got my dates mixed up thought 17th was Wednesday , only just realised Sunday evening

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