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TA Interview this Thursday I'm terrified.

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by j70cnc, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Hello,

    I'm new to this site but joined yesterday and have started searching for TA interview questions, as ive got my first school interview (This Thursday 24th September) in a Primary School. I currently work in a nursery.

    I've looked at some questions I most likely will be asked, and I'm thinking of how I would answer.

    Any tips would be appreciated, I can only do the best I can and if I'm unsuccessful at least I know what to expect in the future, but I'm going to do this with a positive mind and think before I answer questions, but I'm one extremely nervous individual right now. Everything crossed.
  2. stargirl81

    stargirl81 New commenter

    Hi, congratualtions on getting an interview!

    I've just bumped up the interview questions topic, loads of stuff is covered in there. obviously you know all about safeguarding, they WILL ask you about this so make sure you are 100% sure of your answer.

    Have you got to do an activity with the children?

    As you say if you dont get the job then at least you know what to expect next time. IF you dont get it please ask for feedback so you know what to improve on.

    Good luck, let us know how it goes x
  3. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Star commenter

    Well done on getting to interview stage - competition is fierce out there! Good advice from stargirl, there is lots of information on the interview questions topic. Have a look at the school website to familiarise yourself with how they work; they may well ask you if you have any questions for them - you should be able to come up with something relating to what you have read about the school.

    Best of luck - be confident and smile lots!
  4. Hi,

    I haven't got to do a activity, unless they tell me on the day. I've been doing loads of research on here and I've noted questions I most probably will be asked, so I feel a little better. As its my first school interview I'm dreading going blank minded. I have moments of ill be ok then panic thinking I wont remember it all. Ill defo let you know if I get the TA job or not, When are they likely to let me know. Thank you for your reply xx
  5. stargirl81

    stargirl81 New commenter

    If your mind goes blank then just ask for a minute to think about you answer, or if they have provided you with some water take a sip while you think of it. They wont mark you down if you cant answer one question.. well just try to remember the safe guarding one!! x
  6. Thanks guys, well ive got all day today to keep going over questions, I've researched the school yesterday and also did Safe guarding, ill be going over everything again today. xx
  7. stargirl81

    stargirl81 New commenter

    I hope you are ok and nerves arent getting to you too much. If they ask if you have any other questions ask about what kind of courses they can send you on, ask if they do any after school clubs and if you have a particulur interest you could always say you'd be happy to help run a club..

    Good luck!!!

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