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TA Interview in a Pupil Referral Unit

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by chickensandhens, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Hi, I currently work in a KS4 PRU. I had my interview in September. I prepared for the interview by going through the job description and person specification matching each one up with an example of where I had done this before.
    I was asked a lot of questions where I was given a scenario and asked what I would do if it happened. Because I had already thought this through I could tell them how I had dealt with similar situations.
    I was asked a lot of questions about behaviour management, and I think the key thing here was talking about de-escalating situations and giving students a chance to back down.
    Good luck! and dont forget to have questions prepared to ask them.
  2. Another thing that PRU's are keen on is anything you could bring to adding to the provision at the centre. For example when I went for an interview I mentioned music and multi-media.
    In-tray exercises are difficult to prepare for, its a way of testing how you react under pressure and making decisions. Make sure you are up on child protection and safeguarding as this is such a major part of the job in PRU.
    Try not to worry too much. A final point with working in a classroom with KS4 students, break things down in to small steps with lots of reward along the way. Its important to remember that these students maybe 16 but really they are more around 12 in maturity if not younger. They are also some of the most scared students in the country. Its all a front.
    Good luck and I look forward to hearing how you got on.

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