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TA interview help please?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Lolala, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Hi all, I'm a qualified high school teacher but now looking for TA jobs. One school has asked me to prepare a 15min literacy or numeracy activity for a small group of students and I'm at a loss as it's Key Stage 2. Feeling clueless :s please help?

    Do they just want to see how I get on with school kids? What sort of 15min activity would be suitable?

    Any advice appreciated- thank you!
  2. georgepwalsh

    georgepwalsh New commenter

    Hi there,

    Surely if you are a qualified teacher this shouldn't be a challenge. What is your subject specialism?

    I would suggest a session looking at persuasive writing and arguing a point of view. I have a PowerPoint and Lesson Plan if you are interested?
  3. Only a challenge because I've been teaching in a secondary school for years and my knowledge of KS2 curriculum is limited. Funny that I was thinking of something persuasive as would suit whichever age group I'm with (I hope!). I'm an English teacher.

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