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TA interview - advice needed

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by geordiepip, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. I have an interview for a TA role on Friday and part of the assessment is as follows:
    <font size="3">In order to assess your rapport with
    children alongside your questioning skills, we would like you to lead a
    reading session with a group of year three children. We will provide you
    with the text on the day of the interview and give you time to familiarise
    yourself with it. There will be four children in the group with literacy
    levels ranging between 3c and 3a.</font>

    I have never worked in a school before but have done 11 years working in a learning & development environment for a global blue chip company.
    Just wondered if anyone could offer some nuggets of advice to help settle my nerves...
  2. Ok the gap between 3c and 3a isn;t vast so at least they will be of a similar skill range! Rapport = get-along-ability...be yourself, be happy and be firm! Maybe bring a puppet..."he is looking to see who listens well and he will give you a sticker for amazing listening skills".....I work with a year 3 girl after school and she still loves a sticker, so take some with you...just go with the flow and smile!!!

    Good luck!!
  3. thanks for the advice so quickly. my 3 year old daughter has hundreds of stickers so im sure she wont miss a few!!
    Whats your interpretation of the phrase 'leading a reading session'? I take it that I would be encouraging the children to do the reading and then check their understanding afterwards rather than just me doing all the reading?? I'm so nervous I cant think straight!!
  4. bluebell27

    bluebell27 New commenter

    It sounds like they are looking for you to do a guided or shared reading session with a small group which is very common in primary schools. children on level 3 will be competent readers and I am sure the book the school offer you will be within the children's ability.

    In guided reading you could build a rapport with the children by asking if any are familiar with the book you have been given (or the author)
    look at the blurb to encourage talk baout what book might be about etc....
    engage children's interest in the characters/ information by asking open questions.

    it's very difficult to be precise as you don't know what book you will be sharing but you can still engage with the children.
    What they might be looking for is how to respond to children, how you include all children, how you ensure one child doesn't take over or how you might encourage a quiet child.

    These are just a few ideas. I would say just be natural as you would share a book with any child. if children are to read a bit of the story each they might need time to work out new words rather than just giving them the word.
    If you are handed an information book it might not involve children reading but ut a discussion around spcific subjetc/topics from the book. But again make sure you include all childen.
    Hope this helps
  5. I'm so disappointed. Had my interview today - my reading exercise went well and so did my interview.
    This is the 2nd interview I've had this week for a TA role - on my application form it clearly states I dont have experience working in a school but have vast learning and development experience from previous job, however have been invited for an interview - only to be told on both occasions it went to someone 'who had experience'.
    What can I do to prevent this happening (aside from contacting schools and asking to come in and shadow as I feel even this isnt sufficient). I also understand that volunteering work at a school could help, however I dont have enough time to build up this experience as the jobs for TA's are being posted now ready for the new year starting in Sept.
    Help (please!!)
  6. Do you have a TA qualification?
    In my area, it is impossible to get a TA job without one, and to get one you have to have a placement in a school, which will then give you experience.
    Having said that it does vary hugely from area to area, so if you are getting to interview stage, then they clearly like what they see on your application. The only thing you can do to gain experienceis to vounteer in a school.
    Good luck!

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