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TA hours/ funding

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by Innocent, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. Innocent

    Innocent New commenter

    I wondered how other people get TA hours/ support budget allocation. I am struggling with only getting TA hours in line with SEN top up funding leaving me short for all of the assumed 12 hours that precede the top up, not to mention any provision for students who need SEN support. Then it becomes a timetabling challenge as there simply aren't enough people/ hours to meet the learners needs. I work in a secondary school. Anyone have any answers/ advice please.
  2. MrGator

    MrGator New commenter

    We're in the same position. I had a meeting with the LA and they said that there will be no element 2 funding topups as the budget hasn't increased and they have over 350 additional high needs young people (all ages) who have new EHCs in place. They just don't have the money. Timetables are a challenge and we haven't really found a way around it
  3. KBeck85

    KBeck85 New commenter

    Common issue right now, I've had to keep rebalancing the TA/LSA timetables this term as we are struggling (secondary too). With the new ECHP's though there is less of a focus on specific number of hours which helps as some of our parents are very fixated on this.

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