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TA deployment in mainstream primary for EHCP children

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by b00kw0rm, May 3, 2017.

  1. b00kw0rm

    b00kw0rm New commenter

    Just interested in how TAs are deployed in your settings. My reason... previous Head Teacher employed several TAs to provide full time 1:1 support for high needs children (including 2 who don't have EHCPs). Now new HT & budget probs means that we can only spend what we get funding for for EHCP children, we are faced with either having SEN TAs working across a year group or training up TAs as dyslexia/ ASD/ other specialists to work across the school doing targeted interventions with children- not sure how this will work with in class support for core learning... just curious what experiences of the rest of you have? What works for you or what didn't work?

    many thanks
  2. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    I replied to a thread on Secondary re deployment of TAs - may be of use ? We had a very large co hort of complex needs students and quite a small team of TAs. It's about being creative, having a sound rationale ( this supports your decision making ) ' needs led ' . It is about the efficacy of the provision - not just having 'bodies' . I understand your concerns truly but I think it is in the setting's best interests to provide quality training opportunities for all staff ( this includes crucially teaching colleagues too ) and address your priortity learning need ( MLD or BEMH for example ). So your curriculum delivery is accommodating most of the children most of the time - this should free up your TAs to deliver specialist interventions BUT again training, delivery and accountability via PM targets are key. I assume SEN TAs support the learning of children in class who have been identified as SEND ( just English / Maths ) which I'd often open to interpretation. Where is the evidence that this is ' working ' ? It would be beneficial for you / line manager to highlight these changes as part of a whole school development plan. I think it is important that the school is being proactive in identifying areas where the TAs can lead interventions but as I said in my other post the delivery is only as good as the deliverer . You may find also that there needs to be done work around new practice in the team and handled carefully - folk can be reticent to change but of course it is all about doing the best by the children.
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