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TA covering PPA by taking whole class with TA with HLTA status assisting her

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by whatdididowrong, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Would like your thoughts on this.
    We have just been through a restructuring in school with regard to reducing the number of HLTA's we had from six to four full time staff, previously we consisted of four full time staff and two part-time. The main reason given was money Three HLTA's were given what were called slotted posts. This ment there was one post left for three of us.
    In the next breath we were told the slotted posts would be paid at band 4 and the remaining post at band 3. So much for wanting to save money because this ment that for two of the slotted HLTA's a pay rise. [all of us were on band 3 with exception of 1]
    Not only that the remaining three of us we were informed we had to apply for the remaing band 3 post and go through an interview process to see if we fitted the bill. Redundancy was not an option because we had been offered posts as TA's if unsucessful.
    After consideration and for personal reasons my self and fellow HLTA decided to step down. [We were the part timers] thus avoiding having to go through the interview process for a job we had been doing for six years.
    The restructuring process took its course and things appeared to have settled down. That is until yesterday when I found out from my work mate that to add insult to injury not only had we lost are roles as HLTA's but she had found out that a TA without HLTA status would be covering the PPA time in one of the reception classes each week, and my mate would be her TA.
    So in a nutshell TA without HLTA status to take reception class assisted by a TA with HLTA status.
    Would like some opinions on that
  2. You poor things, someone is taking advantage of your good natures. Might it be worth you contacting your union for advice if you are a member?
  3. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    I would feel cross about this. It may be the Head just hasn't thought this through.

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