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TA called me 'Stupid' infront of class

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by mohsins, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. I have a HLTA in a class that said 'you would be stupid to do that!' regarding my handling of a behaviour issue with a child, she shouted this out and stormed out of my class. Then the children started asking me why she called me stupid? Also i have heard this individual has been spreading gossip about my competency (even though i have had a very successful year!! My performance management proves it!!).
    I can honestly say i have been fair and just to this person. I can not quite understand why this person has done this. This person has been a great help to me on many occassions, we have had a laugh. Just shocked to be honest.
    Don't know how to tackle it? But can't have people undermining me in this way? I want to approach this person but i am just so hurt and emotional i don't to say things that will make matters worse.
    Any help appreciated.
  2. I think to comment I'd need to know more about the incident.
    You might need to think what would make someone with whom you've had a good relationship with, feel so strongly they'd walk out of a classroom?
  3. Simple, disagreed with my handling of a child. In that person's opinion i was being soft! But its my class. I genuinely do not know why this person walked out? But everytime my way is not the way this person would do it, toys and pram.
    I do not want my ego to come out, but I am the teacher!! The point you make is fair, i must have done something more....i do not think i have. This person is saying things about me for a reason?? Why?? I am not sure, but obvioulsy V.two faced, as to my face has been fine. The aggressive walk out was totally uncalled for, but the child concerned, i know the TA does not like at all. as i have been told by the person.
  4. I presumed it would be the opposite - where a TA felt you were too harsh which I could imagine could prompt someone walk out, if they felt disturbed by what had happened.
    With the opposite - where she felt you were too soft, is harder to understand as there's not the same issues - if someone felt you were too soft surely this is an easier issue for him / her to address.
    I'm a 'softer' personality and I know people don't always agree with this approach but I'd expect it to have less potential to cause people to walk out!
    The only situation I could think of is if something had happened and she didn't feel backed up?
  5. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    The interpersonal dynamic at work here clearly needs some attention but if you were to do the same to a TA you could be accused (quite rightly) of unprofessional conduct. I presume the TA's behaviour can be seen in the same light...
  6. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

    Totally unprofessional - if she had a problem with the way you dealt with a child, the correct thing would be to question you out of earshot of students... however, we don't live in an ideal world, just the real world... and this sort of behaviour from TA's, teachers, SLT is not uncommon sadly :(

    You could either ignore it or if it happens again, speak to her very firmly in front of the children, thanking her for the advice but make it very clear to her that you are not willing to be spoken to like that again and will talk to her after the class has been dismissed with your best teacher voice, smile and walk away! Or you could have a word with SENCO? or in could be just end of termitis! - do you have her as your TA next year? If not, just leave it!
  7. granddam

    granddam New commenter

    Or might this be nothing to do with you, but an overreaction due to outside pressures? The fact that you've got on well previously suggests might be a problem elsewhere. Might be worth trying to sit quietly with her and ask if she is feeling OK as even if she doesn't always agree with you she's never reacted like that?

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