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TA Appraisal

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by minny, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. I am currently updating the appraisal forms for TAs in my school and wondered if any TAs on this site have appraisals or have access to an appraisal form.
    It would be interesting to see what oyher schools use and if TAs are having appraisals. They are done in my school every April with Head and HLTA. Observations are also carried about by class teachers which go towards the appraisal.
  2. sorry about the spelling mistake- should be other
  3. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    TAs in our school go through the same Performance Management process as teachers - this includes observation by a member of SMT and follow-up interview including target-setting for the next year. Have never had any other kind of appraisal.
  4. cally4

    cally4 New commenter

    Assistant head does our appraisals but its a bit of a case of lip service. No observations are done, no feedback from the classteacher, more a case of what courses have you been on, fancy going on any and then making stuff up to fill in the form for supporting the class, children, school bits. It was introduced prior to Ofsted. Its a shame as the TAs have all said they have no prob being treated as teachers in the sense of being observed. Its daunting but its good to know strengths and weaknesses, if we are doing a good job, or not! Im sure teaching staff would benefit having the chance to feedback on support but then would they really know as so many work outside the classroom, do they know what a TA does anyway? Personally I think appraisals show we are valued and should be done properly or not at all.
  5. our appraisal system is a joke - it is done by senior t/a's or, in my case, by the senior midday supervisor (who have not had any training). The class teacher completes a form which is given to the appraiser (?) and then they discuss that with the t/a. asked about courses done, want to do (manage to ignore my request for first aid training every year!). And mine is when we go back next week!
  6. Whats an appraisal?????????????
    4 years and never had one!!!!
  7. Previous school (mainstream): 3 appraisals a year (2 with Senco 3rd with Head) with targets set and reviewed. Current school (special): Hastily arranged appraisal day prior to Ofsted!
  8. We get a lesson observation, which gives us details of how to improve (apparently they have to find some fault with us). The teachers have to fill out a questionaire (sp?) on us, with marks out of 5!

    There is no forum to air grievences or defend ourselves against criticisms. It makes my blood boil!
  9. No appraisal in thirteen years despite all the TAs requesting one on the "Departmental Strengths and Weaknesses" questionnaire for about the past six years!
    There are now actually procedures in place to do them (to be done by two HLTAs), but they keep getting put off due to "other things happening"! - but then they always will, won't they?
  10. Cally4
    All TAs should be having appraisals now. These show areas you may need more training on and also it is a great way of the Head seeing your strengths. I also believe it is a good thing for the teacher to observe and feedback. This shows the head or whoever is doing the appraisal what the teacher has feedback about how you work.
    The observations and appraisals in my school are all done on a proforma sheet the Head, TA and TA coordinator all keep a copy.
    All TAs think the appraisals and observations show how much they are valued within the school.
  11. Our appraisals were hard won. The member of SMT staff who is now in charge of them was very reluctant and disparaging about initiating them. We got them eventually but grudgingly. Suspect the said member of staff did not want the responsibility and possibly did not feel confident doing them. After some constructive dialogue (!) the system is now in place and we have an initial meeting in September and a follow-up half way through the year, with a written record for us to sign and a copy to keep. I really feel strongly that TA's have appraisals. All valued members of staff should have some sort of appraisal and remember it should be a two-way process - as much a time for TA's to voice their concerns and needs, as much as management's. It should also be a time to pat people on the back and celebrate a job well done.
  12. Well said ARGH. I agree totally.
  13. I am trying to come up with a TA appraisal proforma that will be useful and informative for TA and management.
    Can anyone post an example proforma that is working well in their school or post a link for one
    Thanks in anticipation
  14. bluebell27

    bluebell27 New commenter

    We are given these questions to reflect on and fill in before the one to one with head teacher. All members of staff have the same questions (both Tas and teachers) as they can be discussed in relation to any role.
    I have found these useful as they help me to set personal targets and monitor my progress
    What did I do particular well last year?What might I have done better?What problems did I meet with in the job?What might help me overcome these? What factors held back my performance? What do I wish the school were better at than it is?
    Personal target for the following year


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