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TA and Marking?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Willowg3, May 2, 2012.

  1. I too am a level 3 TA with some HLTA responsibilities (when there is a last minute teacher absence). Whatever lesson I'm in, in a TA role, I am asked to marked the books for the groups I've worked with in class. I don't mind this as this gives me ownership of what I've done with the group. Its nice to be involved in the class this way and the working relationship between the teacher and myself is great. It is a whole school thing that all TA's mark their own groups work.
  2. Are the TAs given time in the lesson to mark the books?
  3. I strongly recommend you speak to the headteacher or your union rep!! I am a T.A. at a primary school and do some marking along with intervention programmes such as Reading Quest,Toe by Toe,etc. I'll mark during a Maths lesson or simply highlighting if the children have understood from their work the 'learning objective' whichever subject that may be. I am given time to mark books. I am asked to do it NOT timetabled to do so. Marking books does let us see how an individual child is getting on in that subject but it does not give the teacher an excuse to be,well,lazy as I see it. So YES you do have the right to feel miffed!
  4. sms54

    sms54 New commenter

    Think you do...As a TA/ISA many moons ago, would mark some tests/assessments to support the teachers I was working with at the time. When with a supply would not offer (once found out how much they were paid!!) Most teachers prefer to mark the work they have set and taught to monitor the progress of their pupils. Now as an HLTA covering classes I assume that marking goes with the territory as it's the lesson that I have planned and delivered, mostly RE, weekly spelling/mental math, humanities and some French. When giving teachers their PPA expecting them to mark that lesson is I feel counter-productive. If asked to emergency cover then will also mark that, though have used peer-marking at times when particularly hard pressed, the pupils enjoy this, sharing what they have written or wielding the pen over number sentences.
    Recently had to cover a PPA - absent TA and collected books at the end of the lesson to mark; was shocked/miffed to discover that this far into the academic year the only marked work was that done by others who'd supplied for this TA!
    In your position I'd be asking questions higher up the management structure, that the marking policy be equal, across the board. Might be wishful thinking, but to be otherwise can build resentment, which only eats you up!
    Hope it's soon resolved.
  5. I think the work you mark should reflect your payscale. I am a TA qualified to lvl 3 but only employed/paid as a lvl 1. I deliver a literacy lesson for a group for 8 SEN pupils daily (which the class teacher plans for). The session is 1 hour long and is classed as their 'Literacy' lesson. Initially I was handing the books back to my teacher for marking with the rest of the classes, but she has asked me to mark them now. I see the point that it's easier for me to mark them because I have delivered the lesson, but a part of me feels "Why should I"? as I am only paid as a Level 1 TA. I also carry out 1-1 interventions throughout the rest of the day which I plan and deliver - Maths, OWL, Toe-by-Toe, Speech Therapy, Talking Time. I have no objections to marking this work as they are quick turnaround interventions. Yes, I have discussed it with our Head but the same old story of budget, cutbacks, blah blah comes back. I love the school, work, people, children but feel I'm taken for granted a little. Or am I moaning for no reason??? It's definitely the pay I have a problem with, not the workload.[​IMG]
  6. You should speak to your union. Unfortunately this is happening more and more. In our school it's just been announced that TAs are to start writing the IEPs for the children they work with (High School). TAs do not write IEPs, SENCOs and qualified teachers do! Unfortunately some TAs in our department will do whatever is asked (and those who are professional and refuse are made out to be trouble makers). Whilst some people let the professional side down, it makes it increasingly difficult to stand our ground and to only do jobs which we are qualified for and which come within our professional working job descriptions. DISGUSTING!
  7. Having had a resent Ofsted inspection i'm sure there are guidelines to follow for marking, all work has to have Targets written on it in a certain way, have you been shown how to do this?. I mark maths books, sign it with TA assisted, same with Literacy, I correct spelling mistakes when a child reads their work back to me but again sign it and say TA assisted, the teacher has then always checked it as well and put their comments and a Target. Speaking to an HLTA the other week during a maths lesson that she took she told me she is allowed to mark work but can not put any thing else on. I think you do have a reason to be miffed.
  8. The school should have a marking policy so ask for it. If you are timetabled to do marking then that is what they want you to do but how is that fed back to the teacher?
    I mark childrens work when I am with a group to show that they had a TA with them.
    I mark all the work against the learning objective when I take the lesson as HLTA.
    I mark all the spellings and record these for the teacher.
    I think most teaching assistants are taken for granted to be honest and the more you are prepared to give the more the management will expect. If you don't want to do it and it isn't in your contract then don't!
  9. Thanks for all the reply's.

    I dont mind marking any intervention group's that i am a part of, nor when i cover for the day on short term notice. If the teacher came to me and asked me to help because she was struggling to keep up i would gladly lend a hand. The fact i was issued a timetable with it on sent me over the edge and that it just seems to be expected of me irritates me even more. Lately i do feel as though i am being used beyond that what i thought went with the role of a T.A.

    I have thought about contacting my union rep, but i always feel that I'm doing something wrong when i go to ring and that it will cause more issues than its worth.

    Guess il just have to suck it up and ring them otherwise, like someone mentioned earlier, I'm going to end up resenting a job which i thoroughly enjoyed and changing career routes.

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