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ta aka tea maker!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by scienceteacher11, May 6, 2011.

  1. scienceteacher11

    scienceteacher11 New commenter

    Sometimes feel like I spend 50% of my time making people tea, is this normal?! Seems a bit rude to me! Too scared to say anything though, find the teachers quite intimidating to be honest.
  2. no way! We all muck in where I work - we all make it on occasions, andjust get our own when we fancyit.
    Who's asking you to make it?
  3. As I teacher I value the support that my TA gives to me and the children. There is absolutey no way I would expect her to make my tea.

  4. I couldn't agree more! I'm in secondary and would never dream of asking any of the TAs or LSAs that give me absolutely vital support to make me, or anyone else, a cup of tea!
    I think you should conveniently (or inconveniently) not be around when tea making is on the agenda! You're not a skivvy and should be valued a lot more for your support.
  5. Nope, whoever is at the kettle makes the tea. Sometimes teacher, sometimes TA.
    TAs in my class were amazingly valuable, not good to make people feel under appreciated, like you are feeling
  6. You are going to have to grow a back bone, and tell em to sod off.
    There really is jack they can do about.
    It sounds like you're a bit too nice and so get a bit walked on, sorry if I,ve got this wrong.
    Try this, next time someone gives you their brew order, laugh sweetly and say actually I think it might be your turn today mines, whatever you drink then walk away and sit down.

  7. If I asked any TA to make tea in my school they would just laugh in my face (and rightly so!)

    It is great if someone makes you a cuppa out of the kindness of their heart but when it becomes routine and starts feeling like it is part of your job description, you've got a problem!

    Follow the above poster?s advice!
  8. polly2

    polly2 New commenter

    I'm a teacher and think asking you to make tea is disgusting! My god, the teacher has a bone in his/her arm - get off your backside and make it yourself!!
    Seriously, I remember taking three days off sick once and my ta was pleased to see me back. When I asked why she said that she had had a teacher covering me who snapped his fingers at her and barked at her....
    "What am I doing then?"
    "I'm not washing up - that is what you are for!"
    "I'm not here to make tea, I am a teacher, that is what you are for."
    I was so disgusted I went to the office and told them that under no circumstances should they get him in ever again.
  9. When I worked in learning support in a secondary school one Business Studies teacher told me in no uncertain terms that it was not his job to do any of the washing up and that was the TAs job - the most annoying thing was we had a dish washer and he (and half the other teachers) couldn't even be bothered to put their cups/plates in that!
    When I did GTP there was a TA who always made a cuppa for the staff who were on the playground doing playground duty which I thought was nice.
  10. I am a TA and I must agree with all of these posts. I am also a tea drinker, and so are my job share teachers. I would happily make them the odd cuppa here and there, since they often forget to drink enough during the day, but it is not an expectation, and it certainly will not take up anywhere near to 50% of my time. You have more valuable things to do with your time than make tea. My advice would be to bring this issue up gently, maybe in note-form if that makes you more comfortable. Suggest taking it in turns for tea making duty and remind the teachers that you are a TEACHING assistant not a KITCHEN assistant.
  11. Reminds me of when I was a PGCE student and told one of my jobs was to make tea for my horrible teacher/mentor.

    Although saying that I do ask my TA very nicely if she can make me a tea every now and then when she is going up to make her own and I'm on playground duty. I offer her the same when she's on duty, and i dont think it's a problem. It's more something I'd ask someone I consider a friend, than someone who is 'my TA'.
  12. I am an L.S.P. at our school we have a fantastic tea lady who gets everything ready for us, and washes our cups afterwards, she is great and very much appreciated. Apart from breaktimes, we do our own tea, and so do the teaching staff. We're all equal when it comes to putting the kettle on!
  13. I think some teachers forget that you are a teachING assistant and not a teachER'S assistant!
  14. This is, unfortunately, is the way some teachers see the role of the TA. This person needs to drag their thinking into the 21st century and respect and value the help the TA should be giving.
  15. Get them to buy an automatic water heater. Just don't do by doing something else. Everyone can get their own tea. Gone are the days of the tea trolley service in manufacturing where I last saw this kind of thing in British industry back 1980s. Otherwise it should be in your job description clearly stating how much time of your normal day this is expected!
  16. Dear Crowbob,
    Your message was disturbing, please seek counselling.
  17. You need to say something or talk to your head of school.

  18. This is totally out of line! I am a TA currently at Secondary and I have NEVER been asked to make a cuppa. It isn't in your job description and you should be used in the classroom to support students.Speak up! Otherwise, it may never stop. If it's teaching staff, go up higher and mention it, possibly get someone to email round reiterating your role. It could be that teaching staff don't know how to use you effectively. But once this is overcome, teacher-TA combination in the classroom can make ALL the difference!

    Good luck! x
  19. It's definitely NOT normal!!!! Mind you, "we" do seem the only ones capable of emptying the dishwasher!
  20. The Primary School where I work, the T.A's have an afternoon rota for making tea! As a TA I do think it is a bit of a liberty, as I feel that I am employed to work with the children and to then have to leave them for 15mins mid lesson just to make staff tea is a definite no no in my opinion. It might only be 15mins, but time is precious when working with children. Re focusing children when I return to a group can then sometimes take a little time - again time being wasted. Could staff not bring a cup of tea and a drink of water into class at 1pm after lunch?????? Surely then the 2 drinks will quench their thirst for 2 1/2 hours until the end of the school day???? I now make tea at 1.30 pm, as soon as I have finished my lunch break, so that once back in class at 1.45pm, I can remain in the classroom.

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