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Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by trinity148, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. does anyone have markscheme specific to this coursework task? would be very grateful..i could do some lovely marking!!
  2. does anyone have markscheme specific to this coursework task? would be very grateful..i could do some lovely marking!!
  3. If no one has anything better, I have a single A4 markscheme. It's purely for my own use - I've just condensed all the information down to give me a good idea of what key thing is needed at each level. Reading through it, I don't know if it'll make any sense to anyone but me. You're welcome to it if you post your email address.
  4. lol -- And there I was thinking you were talking about those who don't drink any alcohol!
  5. I have found that you need to bear in mind there is a big difference between Boards with this cwk. On Edexcel I seem to recall you can give even as high as 7,7,7 for pretty basic work, just general formulas for any size of grid and any rotation of the basic T-shape. Whereas we at our school (on the AQA scheme) find we can only justify 6,5,6 for the same work.

    I remember Tandy sending me a lovely scheme that is completely 100% cast-iron for Edexcel, but way too high for AQA.
  6. This whole thing shows the pointlessness of c/w. What kid of 14 to 16 could independently work out the rotations in T-Totals if the are getting 656 which is an intermediate score of B at best. If they did it themselves then they have to be 777 unless they were helped.
  7. Hi, could you send it to me as well please?



  8. Molesworth2

    Molesworth2 New commenter

    All the old Edexcel tasks and mark schemes can be found onthe emporium website - look in the 1387 cabinet under coursework. Brings back memories good and bad...

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