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T.A. trouble...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by yapyap, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Some of my lowest set boys struggle with writing, therefore the T.A's help them out. But they are weak in this area too. Any thoughts?
  2. You are responsible for their learning and progress. How often do you support/guide them?
  3. Now that is a tricky one. Surely any TA who is employed should have basic skills which are up to scratch?
    I'd have a word with your line manager. Clearly, this is one which needs to be handled diplomatically. And yet, it is kind of crazy that the situation should have arisen in the first place.
  4. Pretty consistently, but there are twenty level 2's in a bottom set with a range of behavioral and spld's. 7 Statements, all SA+. I am but one woman!! I move around, TA picks up where I'm not.
  5. Are you actually suggesting that the teacher is responsible for the learning and progress of the TAs - who are there to support the learning and progress of the least able kids??

  6. I know, and it's just little things, bits of spelling and correct usage of punctuation in places. But these students are working at such a low level, these are the things they need to get right!
  7. I think, SeaPink, she might be pointing out that ultimately the students are my responsibility, rather than that of the T.A. The implication really, was one of laziness on my part!
  8. No, I am suggesting that as teachers, we are responsible for the learning and progress of the children.
  9. It totally defeats the purpose of having a TA. Can the one you have be swapped with one that is capable? How did they get the job?!
  10. Ah - I see. Still, it doesn't help if the TAs who are employed to support need...erm...support themselves.
  11. Well, exactly.
  12. Getting the job? Who knows. But to their credit, they are amazing with this very challenging, disafected group of young people, which is really important in this situation I think...
  13. Why not try a swap around once in a while and get the TA to keep the rest of the class ticking over, while you, the teacher works intensively with the poor group.
    Think about it, getting the TA to always work with the poorer kids while you work with the high flyers, is like sending a patient to the doctors for specialist treatment and them ending up being treated by the receptionist!
    [​IMG] Just a thought
  14. Not all amazing - we have some TA's that are disaffected, fed up of working in the high pressure situations, stuck in their old ways, think they know better and some who are plain incompetent!!

    HOWEVER!! WE HAVE SOME AMAZING TA's and I do salute those! I am not slagging off TA's just the poor ones same as I would teachers, footballers, waitresses etc
  15. They are all 'poor'. We just cycle round, swap who we work with daily, cos it is quite intense, and I do like to keep an eye on what's happening in my classroom! I don't mean to disparage these T.A's - they are a fantastic support in most ways, but I am an English teacher, and don't want to undermine them by marking 'their' work, nor do I want my students picking up bad habits!
  16. You have more than one TA?
    How amazing can it really be when he or she can't help them with basic literacy?

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