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T.A. pay scale

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by minniewhite, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. I gained a BTEC early childhood studies a good few years ago, equivalent to todays level 3 cache. I have, for a good number of years, covered PPA for 2 teachers ,doing this 2 hours every week. I plan lesson, look after the class with help of another T.A . We are paid at TA2 ! Should we be covering PPA and actually teaching lesson for this wage? Is anybody else expected to do this ? I would be interested to hear your comments. Thanks.
  2. copycat

    copycat Occasional commenter

    I thought you could only cover PPA on a regular basis if you were TA3. In schools I have worked in TAs were paid at TA2 normally, but were paid at TA3 if they took classes.
  3. In my school we have TA's at scale 1, 2 and 3. THose who cover PPA are either HLTA trained or cover supervisor trained. If they cover a PPA they get paid at scale 3 for the time they do the cover but then revert back to thteir own salary.
  4. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    Have to be HLTA in our school to cover classes. They are paid at level 4.
  5. JC3


    Hi I am a HLTA and I teach ICT this is timetabled so I cover PPA, I am paid at scale 6. To cover classes in our school (not PPA) you need NVQ3 and be on scale 4. Hope this helps

  6. Technically none of you should be "covering" for PPA time.
    Cover occurs when a teacher who is timetabled to teach a class is absent for any reason.
    Teacher absence occurs when a teacher who is timetabled to teach a class is unable to do so for any reason.
    During PPA time a teacher is not timetabled to teach and so such time should not be considered as cover time. Instead that time during a class timetable should be allocated to another member of staff, ideally a qualified teacher.
    If a member of the support staff is allocated to "teach" during such PPA time does that mean that the support staff member is a substitute for a teacher or that support staff and qualified teacher are inter-changeable?
    On your other point support staff should be paid extra if they have to take on the extra responsibilities for "teaching" whole classes.
    Does anybody think of the interests of the small groups of pupils who rely on the extra more individualised support given by support staff during normal lessons but then lose that support when support staff have to take on full class responsibilities?
  7. Yes, that's how it works in my school too. I'm a HLTA working 25hrs per week and am paid at scale 5 for all my hours, not just when I cover a whole class.
  8. Janettap

    Janettap New commenter

    You probably won't see this now that we are in November. However, I do believe that you are working to a much higher level than you are paid for. I worked as a TA for 12 years at a secondary school and was paid Level 3 for many of those years. I taught English at one point in my career to 2 classes of approximately 10 children and was observed as a teacher. I planned all of the lessons and developed resources, much of it in my own time. When I asked for HLTA pay (Was awarded HLTA in 2005) I was refused. As a consequence I stopped teaching the classes as the SENCO advised not to continue. Even she thought I deserved the pay. I blame the Labour Government and unions for allowing this to happen. I still had to cover for absent teachers although not too bad as I didn't have to plan the lessons. Schools now employ cover supervisors (level 3 pay usually) to take the place of teachers so you are definitely underpaid. Are you in a union? Do you have a contract stating your responsibilities? I would suggest you ask for a pay rise and if refused, stop covering for teachers and planning lessons It is not your responsibility. The school won't want to employ a teacher as it would cost them a lot more.
    I am now a qualified teacher of ICT as I was fed up of being taken for granted as a TA. Many primary schoos now pay HLTA pay for TAs covering lessons. Have you thought of doing the HLTA or of going into teacher training? You would probably breeze throught it with your experience.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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