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T A Interview Answers on a postcard please...

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by owlali, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Hi there folks, I'm new to this and to be honest didn't really know you could obtain advice here. TES has moved on a lot since I qualified in 2004! I've been trying to get back into teaching for nearly two years since my child went to nursery and it is ridiculously difficult. I have managed to get an interview for a TA job it would be ideal but do schools really want NQTs as TAs? It seems a very odd dynamic... I'm having bother working out if it will hold me back from bing able to secure a teaching post any ideas greatly welcomed thanks. [​IMG]
  2. jazz2

    jazz2 New commenter

    (It's a thread on Jobseekers - worth reading as very relevant to your question)
  3. Thanks, confirms my thoughts I'll give it a whirl, like I may have said its the job I enjoy and would be a step up from voluntary work that I've spent a year on, wishing I'd thought of it earlier simply thought I'd be over qualified :)

  4. Wonder if that was taken out of context I did not mean it in any way in a negative sense, simply I have been asked to do more and more in a voluntary capacity which I don't mind at first after all thats what i trained to do and gives great satisfaction, however there comes a point where you think there is advantage being taken of my good nature and although it has been excellent experience and rewarding I would far rather be paid for my efforts [​IMG] if you get what i mean

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