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Synergy Science GCSE

Discussion in 'Science' started by mcattersonpennthorpe, May 16, 2017.

  1. mcattersonpennthorpe

    mcattersonpennthorpe New commenter

    I shall be taking over a department in Sept that currently runs the AQA Synergy Science, just wanting to know teachers opinions on this course? The school I will be working in is a Dyslexia specialist school so academics may be hard for some? Is this the best option of course? Does anyone have better suggestions? I'm open to ideas??? I would still like pupils to have the option of picking Science at College. Are there lots of resources for the Synergy course available as ideally don't want to be creating lots of new SOW!? TIA
  2. isles

    isles New commenter

    totally bizarre, no flow to the syllabus, even the bottom set kids recognise it doesn't make sense.
  3. Evertonian

    Evertonian New commenter

    I looked and the content is the same as Trilogy isn't it? So shouldn't be an issue for future courses. I was worried about grade boundaries and predictability. I suspect a few of us will be watching eagerly to see the boundaries. I wonder if the same percentage of pupils will get 9's off synergy and whether it won't be used in more academic settings? Will grades be equivalent or easier?
  4. **Star**

    **Star** New commenter

    We're currently doing trilogy but our bottom sets are really struggling. I was wondering if there is an alternative course for them which would still count towards progress 8??

    We have just done the end of Year10 papers from AQA and ours scores are not the best!
  5. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    I suspect everyone is getting low grades from the aqa end of year tests
  6. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    Dyslexics can handle academic courses, yes they may struggle with written aspects but that doesn't mean they won't be able to cope with actually getting the science. Don't go assuming that because someone is dyslexic they will get low scores.
  7. melbanks

    melbanks New commenter

    I'm working in an alt provision as the only science teacher, this year I have only offered entry level and GCSE Biology as a single science. Next year I'm looking at BTEC level 1 for those not GCSE ready. But struggling between synergy and trilogy for GCSE groups. My biggest problem is time - currently only have 3 x 50 min lessons per week. I'll be dealing with 2 groups that are y11 and only just starting their GCSE's. Any advice?
  8. melbanks

    melbanks New commenter

    Single Science? I've just delivered Biology in 7 months, It was a rush but do-able for foundation level.
  9. melbanks

    melbanks New commenter

  10. jeanclarke70

    jeanclarke70 New commenter

    It has been a while since anyone posted on this thread, so not sure it is still active.
    I am the only science teacher at my school and have chosen Synergy for our GCSE. Total of 9 students taking the GCSE but with 2 less written papers and the connection between the different strands of science being more overt, it seemed the better option.
    Now I'm just hoping there is someone else out there doing Synergy too so there can be some collaboration.
  11. hephelumps

    hephelumps New commenter

    We are doing Synergy for our bottom sets. Slightly less content and less exams although we have changed the order of teaching so that students have biology, chemistry and physics taught separately. Would be keen to find out if anyone has stumbled across some good revision resources as this seems to be a big problem.
  12. cookiec05

    cookiec05 New commenter

    How did your students find the synergy exams?
  13. jeanclarke70

    jeanclarke70 New commenter

    I am following Synergy. My school is an ASD independent and Synergy teaches the links between Biology, Chemistry and Physics more specifically than Trilogy. Making connections is an area our students find difficult which is why I chose Synergy.
    Would be grateful for anyone who would like to collaborate as there seem to be very few schools following Synergy and I am a department of 1.
  14. MissPledgerA

    MissPledgerA New commenter

    Hi, I am considering Synergy for my pupils, I am in a very similar situation to you- a small SEN school with a high proportion of pupils with autism. How have you found it so far?
  15. cmcguinness37

    cmcguinness37 New commenter

    I’ve been running synergy for the last year and should be able to help.
  16. contact43

    contact43 New commenter

    Tissues lysates can be used in SDS-PAGE, ELISA, Western blotting, immunoprecipitation, enzymatic activity analysis, protein-protein interaction and other studies encompassing functional genomics, and comparative analysis of proteins in human models.
  17. Skeoch

    Skeoch Lead commenter

    And your point is?
  18. ajaydesai

    ajaydesai New commenter

    Hi all

    i would like to visit a school delivering AQA Synergy (we run it already).

    Please get in touch if you are willing to host me for part of a day in the London/north west Kent/east Surrey area.

    Would be good to share expertise, etc.

    Let me know.

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