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Switching from OCR AS philosophy and ethics to WJEC. Any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by annemurphy, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. We are thinking of switching exam boards for A Level. Does anyone have any comments on WJEC as an exam board? Thank you
  2. We are moving from OCR to AQA - its looking good, the support and clarity is a revelation! The philosophy & Ethics looks a bit limiting to begin with but actually is quite liberating with real room to breathe. Time will tell ..I'm glad we are giving up the slog with OCR though - thoroughly fed up with the unrealistic content and overly difficult papers of late. This years philosophy A2 was the clincher.
  3. Yes, we find it a real struggle to get through all the content on the OCR syllabus in the teaching time available. I thought AQA looked quite confusing though?
  4. We're moving from OCR to WJEC this year. I've taught WJEC for a fair few years at GCSE, and they're extremely accesible. There's someone on hand at the end of the phone, and even if there's not, someone will contact you if you leave a message. We're havin a complete change and going to the contemporary issues module with ethics, not such a huge jump from GCSE!
  5. In our Department we've also had concerns about the new OCR courses. They seem terribly content driven, leaving no time for reflecting on that content. They are, in a sense, Philosophy courses that leave no time for actual philosophising.

    At the school where I teach we also do IB Philosophy and while the courses are much harder, they are light years ahead of 'A' Level in terms of their design and content. And the emphasis is on analysis and criticism which is where it should be.
  6. We are switching from AQA to WJEC, largely because with AQA, we come out very badly in the contextual data, with uindesirable blue stripes. Particularly odd when RS is in the lead contextually at GCSE. I've not taught A level, but with the new spec, am going to be given just a little. I may be looking for help from all you others & will share anything I come up with.
  7. san38

    san38 New commenter

    We are currently with edexcel and our value addedd is also terrible - again odd as we are top of the school at GCSE .I wonder if it could be because A Level RS is more popular at independent/ religious schools and less likely to be taught at 'normal' schools and colleges than other subjects. Bit worried reading posts - we are looking at changing to OCR because we do so well there at GCSE and it seems a logical progression - wondering now if I'm going the wrong way. Any other thoughts from anyone?
  8. Would definitiely recommend WJEC. The new spec is very user friendly - four sections for each option with one essay set on each section on the new papers.
    Part a section of essay will be set on the Topic and part b on the Issues (see spec layout and specimen questions). Will be doing the new Contemporary option along with Hinduism at AS and Ethics at A2 - can't wait to start!
  9. Hello. I know you wrote this 3 years ago but I would be interested to know how you got on. Did you change to Aqa? Are you glad? Any reservations? We are currently with OCR but disillusioned, but don't want to jump ship until we are sure. WOuld be glad of any thoughts....

  10. We're too seriously thinking about moving away from OCR to WJEC - ideally Contemp Society and Ethics modules. I've seen a few negative posts about this year's results but overall, what are people's experiences?
    All replies welcome,
  11. Our WJEC AS ethics were not what we expected compared to performance during the year and predicted grades (and philosophy paper grades being higher), but feedback has been supportive and immediate and training is also good with clear specs and advice. The courses (philosophy and ethics AS and philos and synoptic at A2) are clear, well structured and logical with room for teacher interpretation in teaching and Tudor is a great support as Subject officer.

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