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Switching from Food Tech to BTEC Hospitality Level 2

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Ro5anna, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Needs must due to poor uptake and suggestions from SMT.[​IMG]
  2. Is feelling rather lonely... [​IMG]

  3. Sorry- I can't help you- but I'm after similar advice!!!
  4. pecks

    pecks New commenter

    We have resources for free on WWW.teamchefs.tv or feel free to email any questions on the site.
  5. re

    re New commenter

    I do BTEC engineering and construction and Edexcel sent us a free text book for inspection and free student guides (one per student) as soon as we registered. I'm assumning they'd do the same for hospitality.

  6. Sorry cannot help, but interested to know why you decided to go catering route? Are you having to change the layout of your kitchens at all? Buy more/different equipment?
    We changed form technology to food & nutrition 18mos ago and have found it fits better with want we are doing in KS3 & the benefits are that they are also learning some of the stuff in science
  7. You're right, they do and I have had some copies of the booklet sand have also produced information sheets myself. I was thinking more of SOW, worksheets booklets etc. Thank you for your suggestion, much appreciated
  8. No Jilly, no great plans like that....we're being 'encouraged' to introduce more vocational subjects...mine is not to question why...although I do, and this is that path that I am being led along. As long as it's of value to those that are interested in food and all that surrounds it am quite happy to go along with it, just want to make sure am properly prepared.

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