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Switching from compulsory to FE

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Cadman1979, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Cadman1979

    Cadman1979 New commenter

    I am currently a subject leader in an 11-18 school and have been teaching for 6 years. I am considering applying for a similar job (subject leader) in a FE college. The pay is slightly more but the pension age is higher (65 instead of 60).
    The pension age is a bit of a blow but I'm 32 so plenty of time for mine to be changed before I get there anyway. I currently teach / lead KS3-5 in my subject but I always feel as though I am spread very thinly to keep on top of all three Key Stages. I love teaching and would probably miss the younger end but I really enjoy running my A Level department.
    I have a couple of friends working in FE and they seem to have better working hours but I would suppose that this just depends on the college.
    Can anyone give me any advice on things that I should consider before moving from compulsory into further education.

  2. I'd think whether in the long run this is really true. I'd compare pay scales and job descriptions very carefully.
  3. I'm with him ^

    Think long and hard and check your info carefully - it would be very unusual for pay to be better in FE! I would wonder why? Is there a problem at the college or is the info being presented favourably - how many days off would you lose maybe - and that extra 5 years makes a substantial difference!
    Subjects matter too! Are you a core subject (science, maths)??

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