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Switching from BTEC to GCSE - help

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by oreillyj, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Our school has traditionally taught btec. However following the latest
    announcements about btec (that results will not count in headline
    figures), we are looking to switch to gcse. Any advice on preferable
    exam boards would be very much appreciated!
    Many thanks,
    Jane :). We have a very broad range of students in our mixed ability classes, ranging from FFT E/F-A.

  2. Depends how many groups and whether split by ability at all: if higher ability group, suggest OCR or AQA - both have quite demanding analytical and evaluative questions and a challenging controlled assessment. I went for AQA although accompanying endorsed text book is poor. Folens do a good accompanying text book but you will probably need to develop your own resources or amend those already done for BTEC.

    For lower ability Edexcel comes recommended - have just started with a middle/lower ability group: excellent accompanying Pearson/Edexcel text book and teacher resource well worth investing in (£75 approx). Assessment for topic 1 (Starting a Business) is multiple choice while assessment for the second topic (Building a Business) is by multiple choice, matching exercises and some short and extended answers

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