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Switched On Computing

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by kash645, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. kash645

    kash645 New commenter

    Hello. After a bit of advice. Our school have just purchased the Switched on Computing scheme to try to help us with the new Computing curriculum. I'm trying to get my head around some of the units but must admit, I'm not finding it easy at all! I'm part of our school's Computing team and I know that other staff are also finding the scheme tricky. I'm not a fan of following a scheme slavishly but was hoping that it would be a good starting point. I must admit that I wasn't completely sure about the scheme before we bought it but other members of our team felt that it was better than nothing! We have spent a fair amount of money on it so we have to try to make it work for our school!

    I find some of the units very technical and complicated and I'm worried that my pupils in Year 4 might not be up to speed yet with the expectations of some of the units. The programming side of it is fine as we have done quite a bit on Espresso coding, Scratch and Kodu and I feel fairly confident teaching this. However the units on creating a wiki and HTML I find really confusing! Just wondered whether anyone else is using the scheme in their school? If so, have most of you started each year group at their allocated place in the scheme or are you working the scheme a different way? We are hoping to have some training in the Autumn Term which will hopefully help!

    Any advice or comments will be gratefully received! Thanks

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