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Sweeps - do they work?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Harriet75, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. For various reasons I will be having a sweep 2 weeks soon before due date. Trying v hard not to get carried away that it will work so can you help with a quick poll please... Do sweeps work and does it hurt?! Thanks.
  2. Not for me and no. My SiL is a midwife and says that if you're cervix is favourable (!) they will help labour progress/speed up but if the cervix is thick and closed they won't do a huge amount to help.
  3. My cervix was favourable, but the consultant that did it was a bit timid (and had quite small fingers) so did zero.
    I had another when I was being induced with a rough old bird of a midwife who did the trick! They have to mean it I think!
  4. I had one on due date, it was very uncomfortable but was my consultant who was quite rough! Lots of show etc but nothing else, had another yesterday at 40+8 that didn't hurt at all but I suspect my midwife wasn't quite as determined. Nothing since. I think they re more uncomfortable if your cervix isn't ready etc. From my rough Internet research i think they work approximate 50% of the time...and if they have worked will do so in 48 hours. Best of luck, try to relax when they re doing it too :)
  5. undiwear

    undiwear New commenter

    you may want to google something like 'cervical sweep Bishop's score' to find out more about sweeps. A sweep is more likely to work if it labour was about to start soon anyway, it seems.
  6. all_heart

    all_heart New commenter

    I had a sweep one Monday and was in labour Tue at 4pm - Would I have gone in labour then anyway I will never know. she did say it was an 'easy' sweep so my cervix must have been ready. As you can never have the same pregnancy twice it's one of those questions without an answer - Was labour going to happen anyway?????

    Good luck
  7. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    Compared to labour no it doesn't hurt. But things are all different for different people. Let's be honest, we all know of women who say they are wimps who have given birth in 30 minutes without a whimper, and really tough people who have struggled. And peple who have one easy labour and one hard. But it's worth trying, what have you got to lose, if it doesn't work at least you had the chance of avoiding induction
  8. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    It doesn't hurt, just a bit uncomfortable. I don't think it did much for me tbh.
  9. With my first had sweep at 40+2 and went into labour 36 hours later after cramps. This time had sweep at 39+4 had lots of cramps, show some BH and still had baby at 40+4. Maybe I would have had both then anyway. They both did something though.
    However if you have one 2 weeks before due date I would have thought it was unlikely to do enough to put you into labour. But it could potentially make induction easier if it does something? From what I understand they cant do it anyway if you are too far away.
  10. Thanks all for sharing your experiences.
    Am hoping that my body is ready and it will start things moving but perhaps, at 38 weeks, this is unlikely so I will prepare myself for a couple of more weeks waiting yet!
    Thanks again. :)
  11. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I've had 2 overdue babies, and was only allowed a sweep each time at 1 week overdue. Both times I was told 'your baby is nowhere near ready to be born'.
    My son was born at 10 days overdue, and I had to be induced with my daughter and she was 12 days late. With her, even when i went to be induced the evening of 11 days overdue I was told that my cervix was totally closed which is unusual for a 2nd baby. Oh well! Who knows how long she'd have stayed there if I hadn't been induced?!
  12. i had a sweep and went into 3 days later so i doubt it was the sweep as they work in 48 hours if they're going to.
    it's 50/50 if they work and only if the cervix is favourable - ie starting to open naturally. mine hurt like hell and reduced me to tears - something labour didn't do.
    good luck and i hope it works for you x
  13. With my first child i had a sweep at 40+6 and it didnt work, baby arrived a week later when i was induced. With my second child i had a sweep on the friday morning and the midwife said my cervix wasnt favourable but that night my waters broke and my son was born on Saturday afternoon. My midwife claimed all the credit when she came to see me!!
    Good luck, keeping my fingers crossed for you xx
  14. I have three children and had the sweep done for the first two pregnancies. I had belief that they would help...I had period pain type contractions several hours after the sweep and started into labour the next day. First one ended in an emergency section 40+13. I went on to deliver naturally for the second which was fantastic! 40+12. For my third child I did not want to go over my due date so I had a small bottle of caster oil mixed with equal parts fresh orange....went into labour the next day and my son was born on his due date!!! :-D

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