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Swearing - HELP!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mseren93, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. mseren93

    mseren93 New commenter

    I teach Year 1 and have an autistic child and another child who comes with a lot of social issues who have recently started swearing ALL THE TIME. I have tried the following strategies with no success and really need some help now because I'm at my wit's end and parents are starting to complain.
    I have tried:
    - Ignoring the behaviour
    - Praising the children NOT swearing
    - Giving the boys doing it stickers if they make it to lunch time / home time without swearing
    - Social stories to explain why we don't swear
    - Restorative justice - the boys drew pictures of all the people they upset when they swear
    - Getting parents in
    - Stern voice
    - Red traffic light
    - Removal of 'merit' points
    - Missing play time
    - Missing golden time

    None are working - SMT said the boys will more than likely just stop by themselves.... The swearing occurs on the yard at other children or on the carpet - they whisper it to children near them. I've changed their carpet spots to sit by sensible children who I've taught to not react to the swearing, but I can hear it and I know it's disrupting my lesson. Please help!
  2. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    They could stand with an adult on the yard (different ones some they are separated!) and make it clear they won't get free play until you can trust them not to swear. The adult ensures they stay with him/her, but otherwise ignores them.

    In carpet time, they sit away from everyone else, again not together, until you can trust them not to swear at anyone. They may well shout out swearing words to get your attention, just focus loudly and clearly on the class.

    You have tried an awful lot of things in a relatively short space of time. You need to give a strategy time to take effect and accept that these boys will up the ante for a while in order to get a reaction. So far they have got a lot of reward for swearing and will want that again. Once it stops being worth their while to swear they will stop of their own accord.
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  3. Primary_RE_teacher

    Primary_RE_teacher Occasional commenter

    :eek:YEAR ONE. Swearing! No! My God.
  4. mseren93

    mseren93 New commenter

    Thank you - that's excellent advice. I'll pick a single strategy and drill it consistently and hope it works! Thanks again, I do appreciate it.
  5. missrturner

    missrturner Occasional commenter

    I've just typed this on a similar post in the thread but perhaps it could work too. You've tried a lot of ideas, however saying the words are bad will only work so much. They're still exploring language and friendships. The praise and excitement they get from their peers when using those words probably outweighs the tellings off from parents or teacher.

    I would suggest a circle time during registration focusing on good/bad words. We offered incentives for children who used good words in their play and had 'good word hunters' who were given star stickers next to their name on an A3 piece of paper whenever someone heard them say something good. It might not stop the problem directly, but it puts incentive on to them to use better words in their play.

    We also had a little boy use swear words in an angry way and instead we encouraged him to whisper the word, say it in his head, use alternative words, come to a teacher, etc rather than focus on the 'bad word' repeatedly. Whilst it does seem like the boys are using these words in their play to seem like the older, cooler, brother perhaps a short 'meeting' with the boys and maybe even the old brother to discuss the words they are using, what they mean, what else could they use etc might be fruitful. Especially if they see the older brother involved too - worth a shot?

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