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Swansea Met PGCE primary - anybody heard anything?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by star20839, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. I applied about 6 weeks ago and haven't heard yet. I'm getting really nervous, especially when so many people have already been offered places. Just wondered if anyone else has applied to Swansea and heard anything? Thanks [​IMG]
  2. Anyone!? The course has been closed because they have received so many applications, but I still haven't heard anything. I'm not holding out much hope now, but it would be great to here from anyone that has applied as well. Thanks
  3. I applied. It was my second choice but its now been taken off my track and says the course is full which I was quite shocked at because I assumed UWIC would receive more applicants. Were you successful? I'm not holding out for anything but there's always next year.
  4. Any news? This waiting is killing me, on the Gttr website in important dates it says Feb 14 should be the date we here before if we applied before December 1.
  5. That's so funny, I just came on here to ask you the same thing! I have still not heard a peep. When I spoke to admissions, they said they were still considering the applications and that we would probably hear soon and by letter and email if we have an interview. I know, I never imagined I would be waiting so long. My second choice was UWIC and they are full, and I'm not sure there is anywhere else that I can apply to realistically (as will be not earning for a year, can't afford to relocate really unless it was for a job) Where is your second choice? Fingers crossed for us both!! x
  6. So do unis let you know if you are not going to be interviewed? I just saw on track that Swansea was full and nothing else.
    I've got an interview with uwic on 18th of March but haven't found anyone else on here who's going that date too. Good luck eveyone.
  7. I don't think so. The admissions officer just said it would be updated on track, but she did say that she updates it straight away once you are rejected (as I was worried my application might have been just sitting in a rejected pile for months!) That's fantastic news about the interview at UWIC though, good luck!
  8. Got interview yay! Bit the bullet and phoned Swansea and guy said my interview was April and letter had just gone in the post. I'm absolutely over moon and glad I got plenty of time to get ready. Let me know when you here. Good luck!
  9. Well done Nicola! I have got an interview in April too!!! My track has just been updated. I am completely shocked, excited and nervous! Yes, it's good that we have lots of time to prepare. Just need to wait for our letters now for more info. I guess I'll see you at the interview!! x
  10. Ah, Well done you too. Ditto about the feelings, just relieved to have interview. Write soon with any info and yes see you April.
  11. I just checked GTTR Track and found out I have an interview in April.
    Has anyone else had an interview here yet? If so, what should I expect.
    So excited/nervous!
  12. Hi guys, I had an interview in December so here's a rundown. Good luck! It's incredibly relaxed so there's really no need to worry too much, though I'm sure that won't stop you :)
    First off they gathered us all into a room while everyone arrived and people got talking - everyone's really nice and there wasn't a competitive vibe at all. Then when everyone had arrived they took us down the corridor to the lecture theatre and gave us an informative talk about the course, emphasising how intense it is, but I think everyone knew that already. Apparently someone got married during her PGCE and didn't go on the honeymoon. Ouch. But yeah, it's a pretty basic intro and you can ask questions and all that.
    Then we got split into groups for a discussion about behaviour and stress. I don't know if that's what every group was talking about though, so don't only think about that, just in case.They made sure everyone got a chance to answer every question and it was all quite, erm, conversational stuff. Basically as long as you give some good thought to teaching beforehand and can ideally realte it to your own experience then you'll be fine. Oh, they also asked us which Christmas presents we wanted. An unlikely question for April, sure, but obviously they were just making sure we all felt comfy. Then we did a 30ish minute writing piece about a learning situation we've been involved in, which is mostly to assess your English, I think. And then we did a KS2 level maths test. They emphasised - over and over again - that it wasn't going to be a factor in selection. It's just so they can advise you on areas to brush up on if you get selected.
    Lunch! People were friendly again :)
    They let you know the time of your individual interview before lunch (they make sure to interview you early if you're travelling and they figure times out according to everyone's needs). In the break you fill out a specialism form, which is just a case of choosing which subject you would like to specialise in if you get on the course (they let you know once the course has started).
    The interviews are about twenty minutes, and really aren't anything to worry about. I was interviewed by the woman who did my group chat bit and a really nice headteacher. I believe the first question was 'Why this primary thing then?' Then it just turns into a chat based on what you say. I think they just try to get to know you better. Bit of advice - don't learn an answer to 'Why do you want to be a teacher?' in parrot fashion. After I answered they said they really liked that I didn't have a planned answer and just spoke 'from the heart' (horrible phrase, eh) and that they can tell when someone's just memorised something.
    Anyway, that's about it. It takes about two weeks to get a reply. It was a bit longer for me because of Christmas, and maybe it'll be longer for you because of Easter, but they don't wait around. I got a place, by the way :) If there's anything else I can help with, just say so.
    Good luck!
  13. Congratulations on the place SixthandPowell!
    And thank you so much for the helpful response. I did think maybe it would be fairly informal as all contact I've had so far with the uni has been very friendly.
    Did you do any preparation for the Maths test? My Maths skills were last formally tested at GCSE 11 years ago so I'm a little nervous about that part..
    Was the "teaching situation" piece guided at all? E.g. were you asked to write about a situation involving behaviour, mixed abilities etc or was it just "write about anything?
    I'm actually really looking forward to my interview now- thank you so much for putting some of my concerns to rest.
    Here's hoping we'll meet on the course in the summer! (fingers crossed)
  14. For the maths test I did a couple of online KS2 sats tests. I can't remember where but there are loads around if you google them. The teaching situation thing was a open as a canyon - it could be anything you've been involved in either as a teacher, learner, or observer. As long as you have something interesting to say they don't seem to mind what your place was in it.
    Let me know how it goes!
  15. Thank you for all the fantastic info, that's really kind of you :) I'm feeling extremely nervous already, especially as there have already been a couple of rounds of interviews so there probably won't be too many places left! Well done on getting a place! Libby x
  16. Thanks. Good luck!
  17. Hi, I have an interview for Swansea April 6th, and I am really worried about the literature test. I know someone who had an interview for UWIC on friday and he was asked to critique a journal article. Just wondering if anyone who has already had their interview for Swansea could give me a little more advice about what you need to do for the 30 minute writing test

  18. I have just found out that I have a place too! I am in a state of shock but really excited. Nicola, I met you at the interview but was so nervous it didn't click! Really glad to hear you have got a place too. It's such a relief after the long wait we have had!! I haven't had the letter yet, do we have to do anything to prepare? x
  19. Congrats to those who got a place, see you all in September
    Is that finance deadline right? Whoops. I'd best get on with that as well then, ha...
  20. Oh no, does that mean we won't get anything in September then? I didn't realise the deadline was so soon! I'm still really confused by all the finance stuff. What is it that we may be entitled to now, just the tuition fee loan and maintenance loan? I've still got to find somewhere to live in Swansea so lots to organise in just 4 months! Congrats to everyone and looking forward to meeting you all in September! xGinja_ninja - So sorry to hear that you didn't get a place. I don't know if I met you at the interview? It was an intense day, I was a bit thrown by the spontaneous group discussion instead of watching and discussing the videos! It does seem a bit strange that they focused so much on your degree. I don't think my degree was mentioned. Have they given you any feedback? But agree with Nicola, TA experience would probably be the best way to go, local authority websites are probably the best place to look. Good luck and don't give up xx

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