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Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by davjones, May 16, 2009.

  1. Hello all!
    I'm sure like many of you I'm plodding through my planning for the new GCSE's - I'm doing OCR Electronics & Control Systems.
    I'm getting quite tight on time looking at my spreadsheets to fit in two whole coursework projects, the theory, and some miniprojects to boost skills - but have stumbled into the sustainability bit. Ideally I want to do a mini project in year 10 on sustainability to get them into it, combined with a trip somewhere for a wow factor and to consolidate the work.
    My current ideas are to get them to redesign something with a focus on sustainability mainly on paper, but possibly with a foam model, this would be boosted by some theory work on the R's and other bit's and bobs. This redesign project could then be the core element to their revision.
    I've tried to think up ways of using something sustainable in my mini projects on electronics - I've even spent hours fusing old sainsbury's carrier bags together in the hope of making something similar to 3mm acrylic which could be laser cut! (Don't bother - there's no point over 1mm thick - it starts bubbling!) Would be great for textiles!
    So here I am - anyone else doing something amazing?

  2. I'm doing AQA but similar situation.
    How about a battery charger?
    Or usng a solar cell (might be a bit £££)
    One lesson 'recycling' and sorting old components? Kids love cutting off all those battery leads from failed projects and as for the 'solder sucker' !?!?!?
  3. yes it really is 1.30 in the morning! just dipped in before crashingout.
    What about laminating layers of newspaper or layers of cardboard ratehr like you would if you were doing a wood laminating project. ( See Bagpress for ideas) or use rooled up a4 paper instead of throwong it in the recycling and pu0tting a colourful piece on the last quarter of it to make it decorative ( TEP process frequently used for structures)
    you could make a model for a go cart. I don't do S&C but I reckon it would be a great mini project. Or what about a touch light. You could use the fused plastic rather like a stained glass window. I have loads on my windows at school. Night night.[​IMG]
  4. <font size="2">I've seen pictures of a project that can be done on generating energy via a wind turbine. The guy that runs it is an educational consultant but it might be something that he'd be prepared to sell the parts and schemes of work for (I'll Email to find out) rather than come in and run the session. You could then potentially tie this in to a trip to a power station (ideally renewable energy). You could also do a study into Travor Baylis and his wind up products.</font>
  5. I developed the wind turbine project Geoff mentions here. It uses standard parts to make a turbine with 3 different gear ratios, driving a solar motor as a dynamo. It needs 2 plates cut on a laser or router but after that everything else is standard catalogue stuff. I have full teaching materials and films on construction and photos of it built up. Some photos of the core gearbox in the July 9th 2007 post in my blog at www.ajbooker.blogspot.com
    Let me know if you wish to have more details or buy some kits
    AJ Booker
    Freelance Educational Consultant
    Nottingham - UK
  6. Hi have heard that CR Clarke are developing a complete recycling and reprossesing equipment, that will do milk bottles (HDPE) and old school chairs (PP) and are looking at reusing the waste from vacum formers, but it is not on there site yet but i believe if you contact them they are very helpfull.
  7. Hi you guys,
    I have written to some of you, I am desperate to find just a few D&T teachers who can offer me some feedback on integrating sustainability into lessons and the role of the GCSE. I only need a few minutes of your time and it is for a good cause. There is little research on this. I am writing an MA thesis at BU. I studied sustainable product design.
    Anyway, I need to speak to a few newly qualified teachers in D&T, like qualified in the last 5 or so years. If you can help or know anyone who can help, please contact me at heidimcelligott@gmail.com.
    Best wishes
  8. Hello everyone,
    Most of the green energy companies around the country are very happy to give you some free resources and offer project ideas and trips to their sites as part of their public relation activities.

    You can also find resources on the main electricy suppliers sites. The following page contains a list of the main companies...

    I expect a quick Google search will come up with similar in other regions.
    We (LJ Create) also have some teaching resources that you may find interesting for sustainable energy...

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