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Sustainability - simply benchmarking progress - ideas please!

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by luyken, May 22, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have any ideas where we can find a simple form/template to benchmark our progress with a new sustainability campaign?
    Looked at the S3, but general view is that its a bit complicated. Whos done what in curriculum, community and campus in a simple form would be ideal. Help appreciated
  2. The Eco School website any use?
  3. Thanks Transilvanian. Had a quick look on the site and there is some interesting stuff on it. The Environmental review looks like a possible starting point, but haven't found anything yet with links to curriculum etc. I will keep looking on the site, there is quite a bit to go at.
  4. Just subscribed to 'Primary Headship' magazine and saw ad for a sustainability in primary schools book. There might be criteria in there. Someone on this forum who answered my questions about a Victorian school knows all about this stuff.
  5. tonymillar

    tonymillar New commenter

    If it is me, thanks for the nice introduction Transilvanian.
    The 'Sustainable Schools' section on Teachshare has a 'Sustainable Schools Checklist' and sounds like it will do what you are looking for. It is a PDF which you could print out and give a copy to each teacher. It is a great form, originally developed by Coventry Council. You just need to register to access the site and all the resources are free.
    Teachshare do an Premium upgrade that provides an online, interactive version of the form which would speed up the process of collecting information dramatically. Should then take about 10 minutes to complete and instantly gives an overview of all information added by individual teachers. Fantastically simple and gives instant evidence for things like Eco Schools awards or even possibly OFSTED inspections etc. There is a demo 'tour' on the site for it
    http://www.teachshare.org.uk For a free basic account use access code tesr11
    Hope it helps
  6. Really good to find others interested in developing Sustainability in schools. I have worked with a company called 'real Ideas Organisation' who have a great website full of ideas about developing sustainable and ethical enterprise
    education. Hope other ideas will be posted and we can continue the conversation. Good luck!
  7. Tried to get on the Real Ideas Organisation website but it doesnt seem to be working at the moment. I will keep trying. This is certainly an easier way to get information than searching the www. I also hope people keep posting, it is a big subject and information is generally not that easy to find.
  8. I've booked an Energy Review today which will provide a plan to involve the Eco school team in reaching day to day targets. It will also give a thorough survey of the school and a plan to save energy through gradual building improvements. A surveyor is doing this and we'll discuss what can be done in short & long term and the latest materials. The action plan will allow me to apply for grants eg insulation, PV roof tiles whatever.
  9. I am happy to send you info about it. It is very hood evidence for Eco School and for grant applications i have been told. How do you email individuals on the forum?
  10. tonymillar

    tonymillar New commenter

  11. OK will do.

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