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Suspended for upsetting SMT - How do I get a new Job

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Suspended, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Must say hi to "suspended". I think it was the letter you put in every pigeon hole that SMT (and to be fair, most of the staff) regarded as misconduct (I can only assume you are who i think you are).

    You were a victim of a system that does not work. As a new HoD there was no-one to explain this. My own induction gave me the opportunity to discover that any issue that was refered beyond your department was going to be dealt with poorly. I could discuss this with my HoD but obviously your line manager was SMT and thus unable to admit the system was flawed. It also didn't help that your union rep was SMT - you should have been a NUT!

    These are the lessons the school has failed to learn: New staff need induction that includes PEER support (for the sort of advice that line mangers and SMT can't give); If a system is not working, it should be a priority to fix it rather than use it as an excuse for not helping teachers.

  2. feather

    feather New commenter


    The GTC is not neutral if the employee cannot make representation about the misconduct of the employer.
    I as an employee cannot do that. It is therefore an employers tool.

    I have been instructed by legal counsel not to talk with the employers agent or representative. The GTC acts as the employers agent or representative. Are you legally qualified ailingteacher. There is no room for personal opinion on this issue when legal counsel has spoken. As legally qualified professionals, they do know the law. The members of the GTC are not legally qualified. Many of the points I would have to raise about the employer are matters of UK law. I reported these breaches of UK law to the appropriate authorities after reporting them to the management of the school without response. My concerns were upheld, I hold documents to that effect.

    Ailingteacher the ludicrous matters sent to the GTC which you suggest happens is but part of a package.
    It is an off the shelf package. A set up as soon as a teacher is assaulted and could sue.

    Ailingteacher you use the term mitigation. That is a legal term and highly inappropriate to use in a kangeroo court, which is the absolutely unjust setup called the GTC. I suggest Ailingteacher you appear to assume knowledge of the GTC far more than the average teacher would. What is your official connection with this organisation.

    I think you have some connection, a union official, a member of management, or a combination of both working at a certain the teaching school perhaps - oh what a laugh.

    What you do not appear to be is someone who at the drop of a hat can be referred to the GTC on some political matter or other by a member of management trying to cover their own backsides.

    I reiterate, I do not have resources to compete with those made available to an arm of government, that is an LEA.

    I have a disability from my assaults which also requires constant medical treatment.

    I reiterate in any event I have been asked not to talk to any representative of the employer.

    I reiterate the GTC is an unjust organisation. It cannot by lack of qualification and objective information investigate anything professionally.
  3. feather

    feather New commenter


    Yes a teacher or anyone with concerns about safety in the work place has the right to speak out.

    This right is protected in law. It is called whistleblowing. It stops people in power from hiding things which the public should know about.

    How dare anyone call campaigning misconduct. What are you saying that the employer has the right to break the law. Hope you get a position out of your efforts. However everyone else loses as silence and a culture of creeping is allowed to prevail.

    I will not stop campaigning where I see the laws of the land openly ignored.

    It took 9 months of campaigning just to stop the smoking in the school concerned. Up until then children and adults had to wade through a cloud of smoke in the corridor.

    Shame on the union man who told me to spray a bit of chanel around.

    The campaign was hard fought but won.

    I refuse to be put in the path of drug dealers in my place of work. If I had applied for a job doing that fine. However I have no specific qualifications to do that work and no professional training was ever offered.

    That is another campaign pure and simple nobody should have known violent pupils, or drugs dealers/drug takers in their class. These pupils require multi agency management. Staff must be volunteers and have specific training, staff must not be on their own in a room, there must be a risk assessment in place. It is professional misconduct on the part of the employer to do anything less.

    Time for the employers to put their own houses in order. When the employer starts to bully a teacher following a campaign, people wonder what they are hiding.
  4. Actually, feather, you can make representation about the behaviour of SMT to the GTC. You should do it after exhausting internal processes, but you can make an outside complaint to the GTC about anyone registered with the GTC. Even parents can complain if they wish to.

    Mitigation is a legal term used in employment law, most especially where employees are accused of misconduct in any way. If there is sufficient mitigation, then a tribunal could find an employer's dismissal of said employee unfair. That is what happened with the teacher from Eton, the one who taped Harry talking about his coursework being done by her.

    Yes, employers' disciplinaries are kangaroo courts. I'm not so sure the GTC is one, however. And the GTC is not an agent for the employer, officially. (note, I said, "officially") It seems that way because it was primarily set up for disciplinary reasons, not for anything else.

    Has the GTC found against you, feather?

    If you wish to talk privately, I can refer you to someone who has been through the ringer, thanks to bullying and ineffective colleagues/SMT. Leave an email address and I'll pass it on to the person.
  5. feather

    feather New commenter


    If the GTC is not an employers tool where is the finance for the individual to fight a case.Answer there is no indpendent finance available , this organisation falls outside pools of finace available. If such finance is available what would the teachers on the panel know about uk law.In other words would the financial resources be wasted in any event.

    I have already reported incidents in the school concerned to the Health and safety Executive, The police, occupational Health, my GP, my MP, and obviously to the school management first.

    I have documents which can be produced if finally I get to present them in a court. Again and again the question of finance for it gets in the way. This never stops an LEA who also falls outside any GTC remit. The management of course can say they were bound by LEA policy. Don,t you think management knows that.

    Hence the GTC is a political tool used to silence teachers seeing this LEA policy at close quarters.

    I reiterate when the previous HT saw the policy the LEA wanted the school to follow he resigned saying you cannot put teachers through that. The next HT was the LEA,s own choice and put in place by their own head hunter.
  6. The finance is available through your house insurance, if you have a house, but it isn't needed. You can represent yourself. All you need do is present evidence of your claims.

    I assume you're already taking legal action of some sort?

    Again, if you wish to discuss this privately, as there are things that cannot be discussed here openly without compromising cases, leave an email address where you can be contacted. You can create one using hotmail or yahoo, and make it anonymous that way.

    The teacher's voice is heard, if it is strong enough, with enough evidence, in the GTC, and the GTC, surprisingly, is often the last hope of a teacher bullied out of a job by collusion.
  7. feather

    feather New commenter

    Hello all

    No I will not be using my precious resources to discuss anything with the GTC. Why because I should want to use any precious resources for representation to the High Court.

    The Gtc have already sent letters to me which shows sympathy with the LEA. That was before they started to receive documents. In the High Court witness qualification and motive will be examined. In other words the politics and harrassment techniques used after someone who has been assaulted will be examined.

    Ailingteacher obviously I cannot discuss with you the clear gaps in your knowledge of Human Rights Laws and a range of Health and Safety Rules and Regulations to name but a few. However that is the point some teachers think they are qualified to pronounce to others on anything and any old standard goes. Teachers instead must refer to the laws of the land, they are then covered. If anything goes wrong and the law has not been followed the teacher will be hung out to dry by the management and the courts.

    Fortunately ailing teacher other teachers know where to find good quality information and have already got the experience of representation.

    Despite the numerous postings about bullying, intimidation experienced by teachers after assault you keep faith with the very organisation set up to help the employer further do this job. My experience to date is just that. The GTC was setup to offset any litigation brought by a teacher. It has been described by a lawyer as an entity existing in a twilight zone of law.

    Come back when you have some valid experience of your own You speak like a union man, or management, or both. You forget I also have experience of that.
  8. The person to whom I am referring has as much or more valid experience than you do, I should think. This is why I am urging private email. If you are unwilling to talk to someone who actually has had experience of having been all the way through what you are apparently not yet all the way through, then there's little that can be done to help you in your situation. This person cannot post here, and I am not authorised to give out the email to which you can write.

    The person does read here, however, and will be willing to give the benefit of experience of the full process should you wish to ask, and are willing to create and post an email address to which this person can write. There are many on this board who will vouch for the experience of this person, as well.

    In the meantime, the debate is simply going round in circles so it's best to leave it, as you do not wish help.
  9. feather

    feather New commenter


    What debate. This is me telling all about my experience todate. I'll let you know ailing teacher when it becomes a debate. Further I am interested in the laws of the land not some kangeroo court which like all kangeroo courts has a bad reputation. If I want to discuss this with some knowitall with second hand knowledge I'll also let you know. Meanwhile the steps I will take will be discussed with legal counsel.

    This matter here is subject of a campaign to improve working conditions. These postings are about highlighting the injustice of teachers who have to work with unpredictable violent pupils without full knowledge of their medical or suspected drug abuse; or their previous history of being thrown out of other schools.

    My postings are soley about this and what the employer does when the teacher whistleblows simply by informing the police of violence to the person, a requirement of law in any evenet.

    I will fight for Human Rights. Teachers have the same rights in law as anyone else and no employer has the right to try and intimidate the witness.

  10. Then your solicitor should be aware of this House of Lords decision handed down yesterday:


    which makes it the responsibility of an employer (main employer, which would be the LEA in your case?) when an employee bullies and/or harasses another. Vicarious liability. Ask your legal fellow about it.

    If you want more info on all sorts, try jfo.org.uk - an organisation specifically designed for fighting workplace bullying.

    It was reported in the Daily Mail yesterday, too but I don't have the link.

    Good luck in your endeavors. I truly hope you win the day.
  11. It really annoys me when people write that they cannot believe this story. Believe it. And just thank the lucky stars that your experience is limited to professional institutions. Sadly mine is not and I too am in the process of being bullied and have a gross misconduct hanging over me...the fact is that every teacher, at some stage in their career, will do something slightly regretable. It may be an accidental expletive, a few slack words in the staff room, saying something that has been taken out of context, whatever.The truth is, if the school doesn't back you, you're sfuffed. After 12 years of teaching very successfully, with the massive support of pupils and with natural justice on my side I am still beholdant to a group of failing little Hitlers at my new school for my career. It is extremely upsetting. Be careful.
  12. Thanks Ray P for reviving this thread, some very sad stories that I find totally believable. I would love to know what has happened to the OP, suspended, and all others.

    I was shouted at by the HT for being happy at getting a call offering me a job out of the School from Hell, this was in the staffroom during a free with other staff present. Reason for being told off like a naughty 11 year old? I was a negative influence on NQTs, as an experienced teacher I should not let them know there were better places to teach!

    After one term my doctor was offering to sign me off for 6 months, I hung on just to have a good record of attendance while looking for another job. Four years later I am still in that Sanctuary, though I had a spat with my line manager today.
  13. Ray Parlour, if you want help, email slieber24. She went through h*ll with a gross misconduct. The school govs likely regret it now, considering that those at the school have suffered more, now, than she has. In fact, she was recently voted as "Teacher of the Year" in her current post, in the US.

    Her email is

    slieber24 at aol dot com

    if you want specific help. She'd become practically an expert at some forms of employment law in the UK and is always willing to help those who feel that the disciplinary process is being used for bullying purposes.
  14. feather

    feather New commenter


    This is now epidemic.

    A teacher gets assaulted rightly reports matters to the police to protect themselves from counter malicious accusations from the assailants and then the SMT do a job on them eg gross misconduct and other made up things. It took me 18 months of medical treatment on my shoulder and back to get any where near my health back. That was the severity of my assaults.

    I told everyone I could about what was going on the school, the police, the health and safety executive, the select committee on education, the press. Following inspection The LEA had its child service responsibilities taken away from it and numerous failing schools are about to close. The personnel people who dealt with sick and injured teachers were removed from their posts.

    My outcome I now work in the most wonderful place ever. I cannot wait to go to work actually its not like work at all. I teach genuine special educational needs people in a rural setting. I even go in during my holidays for training without pay. That is how good teaching can be.

    This is not an inner city drug dealers haven, this is not a school where violence and gang running is tolerated by a warped SMT this is not a place where teachers have reason to whistleblow.

    I am so happy now. You will be happy again too.

    Last year I received a teaching award and before working in the inner city school I received a good OFSTED report even though I was teaching out of subject - German.

    Would I whistleblow again if I ever see in any school drug dealers working openly like before YES YES and YES again.

    I refuse to be intimidated by drug dealers and their supporters.

    Time for the GTC to be investigated.

    With Regards
    agathamorse likes this.
  15. Although the issues are different, I experienced similar in terms of what I felt I had to do due to being accused of gross misconduct by posting here about the workplace bullying I was enduring.

    It's amazing how Karma can descend so quickly upon those who bully. :)
  16. feather

    feather New commenter

    Hi Slieber24 and all

    I have just heard the news about sexism in the city.

    One of the very first things ever the Headteacher in my school from Hell said was that he thought I was a frustrated women this was after a male middle manager put a page 3 newspaper photo cms in front of my face and when I simply tried to change my gaze he moved around so it was there again.

    After I complained thats what was said to me by the Head.

    I have just EMailed The Fawcett Society to tell them what goes on in schools. They were behind the report iof sexism in the city.

    If there is sexism in schools it is bound to be elsewhere and lead to the consequences it has.

    Stoke on Trent has had its child services responsibilities removed but the campaign goes on.

    The people who brought it to its knees are still in place only some have gone.

    The union men who stayed silent are still there that is the union men who are members of the masons, the same golf club, and were members of the inner circle of the former LEA. They are also members of the same small town political party. Nothing will change until this is disrupted.

  17. eha


    ' a male middle manager put a page 3 newspaper photo cms in front of my face and when I simply tried to change my gaze he moved around so it was there again.'

    And we wonder why kids misbehave!
  18. bed

    bed New commenter

    feather, what is the "sexism in the city" to which you refer?
  19. feather

    feather New commenter


    It was a report by the Fawcett Society, Bed. Put Fawcett Society into Google and you will find it if not send another message . I now receive their Emailed newsletters.

    By the way the GTC are trying to say I can be a teacher in one of their drug ridden schools again.

    I have never been or will ever be a member of this sick organisation.

    All mail is returned to sender with some ascerbic comments about their public support of drug dealers in schools.

    They will never legally obtain my consent.

    Why should I ever want to teach in any establishments overseen by them.

    What I am doing is talking to journalists.

    What they the GTC have done and continue to do hasn't gone away that head who openly lied is still in place.

    I will continue to talk until that rotten organisation is disbanded and that head has gone.
  20. feather

    feather New commenter

    An up date. I took the school and LEA to court over the assaults and won. My witness testimony about that school and its HT and LEA went far. I have since trained in law my interest being Public Law where the individual comes up against a public authority. I have helped individuals use the local authority complaints system to achieve redress, against some very corrupt officials in one case.

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