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Suspended for upsetting SMT - How do I get a new Job

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Suspended, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. if it wasnt a soon to be rebranded school in southend that begins with a p was it another in southend that begins with a c?

    just curious?

    as for the employment tribunal-it costs you nothing to take a case there.

    as is always the case the lawyers fees are the main costs

    you can go to you local job centre,they will give forms to take claim on.you may be able to get it on line

    if i was you take up all offers of free advice,i found the nut legal team v helpful.The NUT itself especially the local ignorant idiot did nothing and it turns out he was a friend of teh head and most of teh smt .
    After that you mortgage company normally gives free advice as does teh citizens advice bureau.You may also find some legal firms locally who do what is called probono work which means that they will represent you for free.contact the law society (london) and request a list of solicitors local to you that do this work

    Dont have any more meetings with school unless you have independant preferably paid for by you legal representation.

    If i was you i would take up every source of advertisement including teh tes and the NUT mag and the internet.

    Set up a web site many webs for free now and advise one and all of teh exact facts.then get it listed through google for free then link it through as many web sites as you can especially teaching resource ones

    (try www.freewebs.com )

    Another aspect to be careful of is that once you have made a claim through a tribunal be ready for teh fact that the network of schools in and around your old one will not touch you with a barge pole.even if you are totally innocent and have done nothing wrong they will close ranks.

    Also you dont need to have legal representation to take a case through a tribunal you can represent yourself and many do.

    It is an informal setting(like county/family court)and most legal reps are juniors or non qualifeid solicitors

    i had similar situation but i was polite,didnt back down and made sure that all forms were registered with teh court,that changed the perspective of th headteacher

    agreed references are a waste of time as they can change what they say in writing over the phone

    i have come across more dubious back stabbing liers in the teaching profession (strangely enough-why i am surprised?) in school management more than i have in any other profession.

    as you and several of the postings have said, school and smt seem to think that they can do whatever they want.It comes from lack of experience,professionalism and basic understanding of employment laws.It also comes from a complete lack of decency on their part

    good luck with everything let me know how you are getting on

  2. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    I have had all sorts of problems with my school this year due to stress caused by poor management of myself and around the school. The NUT rep I dealt with was excellent providing a lot of support through a very difficult time for me. I ultimately decided to leave the school as it was having a continued detrimental effect on my health. The NUT drew up a compromise agreement in which I got a lump sum of money and the right to an agreed reference (which I was able to contribute to), if I left the school and waived any rights to take them to a tribunal. This enabled me to look for work straight away with the knowledge that I had a fair reference from my previous employer.
  3. Science guy: is the agreed reference exclusive ie it is the only one which will go out and no tick box style questionaires will be completed. It is important that you find this out as these tick box ones can undermine an agreed reference and they are then not worth the paper they are printed on. If you find you are not getting interviews, get third party disclosure citing the DPA. If your previous head refuses to cooperate, you might have a problem.
  4. devondumpling - I got around the tick box problem some years ago, by sending the open reference with the application, along with two other (excellent) referees. Although it made it obvious that the split was not amicable, I was able to get a good job quite quickly.
  5. The NUT negotiated an agreed reference for me, but forgot to mention the tick box ones, thus totally f...ing up my career.
  6. This thread is getting me worried as I am currently being investigated for allegedly assaulting a pupil. So far the police aren't involved but I have been told if the family don't get the apology they want they will take it further. I really sympathise whole heartedly with other people here who are/have had a terrible time. I can honestly say it's really easy for innocent teachers to find themselves in potentially life changing situations.... I'm one of them.
  7. It is worrying, Sezziemac, and what's more worrying it that so many union officers stand by and watch it happen because their loyalties are with the LEA.
  8. As a disillusioned member of the National Union of ******* reading post 49, decided to look for the bullyonline website. Bullyonline.com led me to a bull mastiff website!!!!!!!! Okay so one of the dogs did bear a passing resemblance to our past UGS Doug McAvoy!!!!!!! But the site is bullyonline.org.uk!!!!

    Still it gave me a laugh! Incidentally, the proper site is very good!!
  9. Actually here is the address!www.bullyonline.org/workbully/public.htm
  10. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    In reply to devon dumpling, the agreed reference is the only thing that the head can use when asked for a reference. This includes verbal references.
  11. feather

    feather New commenter


    All the Head has to do is sit on the written reference and when pressed by another school for a reference over the phone he or she can be negative.

    If you must go on supply and obtain reference from your next school.

    Teachers are already screened like mad with the police an independent body with no political axe to grind and list 99 everything else is pure over the top and potentially malicious. I refer to the misuse of the General Terror Council. The organisation which just regurgitates the employers political acts.

    The employer in teaching has always been known as a danger when teachers get to a certain age or if anything happens to the teacher where the employer could face litigation. They have always behaved like political witch hunt merchants. Now they use this gtc as well.

    I've just filed yet another pack of drivel from this inept and disreputable organisation in a black thing with a lid.

    I will not work in any role where this organisation thinks it has say so. Starving them of funding which will be free to go into education. They have spent so much public money on duplicate packs of drivel it is unbelievable and still I do not reply to them. How frustrated must they be.

    Any old idiot who reads the employers drivel would ask questions not them. What sort of inept crew are they.
  12. feather

    feather New commenter


    Here's an up date. The council is now to send a solicitor at huge public expense to this general terror council meeting to make their case. I cannot afford to compete with that.

    So, this is the information they have failed to give

    1) That I was assaulted by a gang of girls after being sent in to deal with the matter on my own by guess who, one of the employers witnesses. The other witness failed to interview the girl after my assault allowing her to go home whereupon, with others, decided to concoct a malicious compensation claim.

    2) That this same witness put a KNOWN drug dealer/gang leader into my class knowning fully well I would report any unusual behaviour which I did to the school and then to the police, after reporting matters to the school appropriately I was assaulted by this drug dealer who knew I was reporting him. This information has been excluded.

    3) The failure of the school to acknowledge or build in to Health and safety policy, procedures of treating staff who reported assaults. To this day although that policy was initiated by me on complaint to the Health and Safety Commission it has yet to be implemented in any form for teachers.

    The testimony subsequently made by these witnesses wouldn't have anything to do with the above would it. My solicitor (no funds for other things) and soley dealing with my personal injury case has yet to receive a reply from this employer. That means he has received absolutely no documents from the other side.

  13. Speakout - sorry about the mastiffs!! Put it down to work related stress. Can you hire a couple of rabid dogs from the site and send them into my now ex place of employment?

    Well i've now signed an agreement. The reference is not brilliant. Even though i got an "excellent" in my last Ofsted inspection - b*st*rds. They won't make any mention of my classroom management either stating that it "Isn't appropriate" but they have left in that i resigned whilst under investigation. Brill. So what hope do i have now of getting another job? Ho hum.
  14. That reference is unacceptable. Suggest you go back and request a more appropriate one. I assume you did not sign the agreement "Signed under duress"?


    This will not stop the school from sending your case to the GTC if it wishes to. Hope you have a reasonable union representative for that.
  15. Bravo! You have courage. When I read your story, I felt like I was reading about my own experience.

    After reporting it to the police have you experienced any fear of reprisal from the students/families?

    I am certain that I will never be able/willing to work for anyone who did not think that I was valuable enough to support. Shame on them!
  16. feather

    feather New commenter


    Well that was like getting no reference. Yes they can still send things on to the GTC. The GTC is hostile they are informed by and controlled by the employer. I have been instructed by legal counsel not to talk to them as they are the representative of the employer. Use your OFSTED report as your reference that is objective. That will be liked as well. The above is why the GTC has got to go it is a political tool for exclusive use by the employer but then tries to claim it is neutral. It is not neutral.

    Who would take the risk to teach under these circumstances. Unless you have a supportive HT you are at risk each day. Our previous HT went beserk at the LEA when he was told the kids could complain about a teacher direct to the police and it would be automatically be investigated. He was justifiably furious on behalf of teachers at this inner city school. He resigned shortly afterwards saying there were other things to do in life.

    I have also done other things which have been satisfying and something I would never had done if teaching. Just shown at County Show Level with good success beating professional breeders and producers. I will teach again but not under continued threat and intimidation by dangerous kids or their apologists.

    I will teach on my terms, that means clearly covered by Safety at Work Legislation, that is my right and nobody has any right to take it away by misusing the word professional.
  17. Judy Moorhouse, a big cheese at the GTC, has an equally power position in the NUT. Does not say much about the integrity of either, really.
  18. DOWN WITH THE GTC!!! what do they do for use? nowt. havent paid my fees for two years according to them - sure i have but i dont care. they dont DO anything useful.
  19. feather

    feather New commenter


    Thanks for that info devondumpling that tells us loads. That also means Judy Moorhouse has a conflict of interest.

    The campaign to abolish the GTC gathers apace. It is an employers political tool aided and abetted by unprofessional people.
  20. Feather, congrats on your showing success. However, I must beg to differ regarding the GTC as a tool for employers. Surprisingly, it does seem to be neutral. There are more cases thrown out, that never reach the newspapers, than there are that reach hearing level. Only the cases that reach hearing level get publicity (which is a problem for those who wish to see publicity on bullying and intimidation issues, of course, but the alternative is that the LEA/school has a good case against the teacher).

    Most times, when a case reaches hearing level, there's either enough hard evidence on the part of the school, or there is NOT enough hard evidence to refute the school's position, or not enough mitigation on the part of the teacher.

    Some of the cases schools bring are so spurious that it's almost laughable. Personally, in cases that are thrown out by the GTC (pre-hearing), the school should be charged the costs for bringing it in the first place. After all, if the GTC says there's no case to answer, perhaps there really ISN'T a case to answer, and the school has wasted the officials' time and our GTC fees money.

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