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Suspended for upsetting SMT - How do I get a new Job

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Suspended, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. feather

    feather New commenter


    You are joining an ever larger group in exactly the same situation. This is what happens. You get assaulted. The Head does not report the assaults to the police you do that, you have to to protect yourself against maicious claims. In my case I reported the assaults to the police, occupational health, and my G.P. Obviously I was examined immediately and medical evidence taken. All very objective.

    As soon as they the employer realises a report a has been filed they say overtly that you had no right to go to the police as it breaches discipline. They even put it in writing.

    They then make it up from there.

    Oh and they then report you to the GTC why because they can. It is insidious.

    Basically the Head and those in offices do not want the information getting out that they are running dangerous premises. A campaign is needed to stop this victimisation of teachers assaulted in schools.

    My advice. go to your doctor about the effect of the assaults, go to the LEA's occupational health service(they are straight), inform the police that following your assaults you are being harrassed by the employer in the way you describe ensure they make a note of your complaint. Then ask for your union's legal department and get put on to a solicitor (do not trust the odd union rep)(may take a week or so to speak with a solicitor). As soon as you have seen occupational health resign. Do not go to ANY that is ANY meetings this will give them opportunity to embelish their story. Go to the press and ask questions in other words write the letter on it.

    They will try and rubbish you as a witness. To stop them ensure all professsional agencies are fully informed by you. The employer is incompetant and will make errors in their own testimony which will be used by you later. You have nothing to lose.

    This has become a right employers game.

    You are definately not on your own. Teachers have the right to report assaults they have to to prevent malicious accusations.

    With Warmest Regards I know exactly how you feel but know you are not on your own and say that. The above account is the proof.
  2. feather

    feather New commenter


    Just one final point about dictaphones use them. Do not trust the union rep. In my case he was the local councillor that means he was part of the employers group. The information on this came to me later. Better still don't go to any meetings unless with a solicitor (since that is difficult best not to go at all).

    Do not haggle over references, they can be withdrawn over the phone later. Be very careful with supply agencies unknown to you some have contracts with the employer. They will say it is a heinous crime to just simply register with an agency while sick, note that is just register and not work with them.

    It is very scary in some schools now particularly ones with dangerous children. Equally some employers are also very scary. Don't work in S O T.
    especially those schools in the newspaper again recently. Watch out for the agency T.P. Hello to all Keele AT's

  3. feather

    feather New commenter

    Buba 07 and others in better schools

    I have also been in schools where staff could let off steam with impunity. I have also been in schools where every word was reported back to management with detrimental effects.

    It can be down to a change in Head. I have been in a school where bullying children were pulled up smartly, in the same school, change of Head, this man was shaking hands with children who had just trashed the science lab, and threatened a teacher(there were of course many other incidents before the explosions happen).

    This school was and still is a teaching school. Who would believe a Head could make such a difference. Fortunately staff started reporting all violent incidents to the police for their own protection. According to the police there had been an increase in the reporting of violent crime occuring in this school. Testimony to the Mr B Head at this school. This man will be downed by his own handiwork.
  4. Scapegoat

    How do you know that the NUT is the union which gets complained about most? I would love to know as I am another who had non-existent representation from the National Union of *******.
  5. the school you were at wasnt in southend,essex and begins with a p does it

  6. i do like that one national union of *******-very good
  7. you could put that on a t shirt and sell it outside a conference-would be good for non school uni day!
  8. Dare I say it?.... I'm an SMT and I hope considered by my colleagues and a sympathetic and helpful one...although my hands are tied to a certain extent.

    I was also appalled to hear what is going on on this thread but agree that there must be something else going on... it sounds as if there is some sort of vendetta and you are the scapegoat.

    Can't give any legal advice because I also think that our Unions need to be shaken up and fight harder for our rights. But I wish you all the best.

  9. Getting a new job..... the unfairness of it all and our LACK of RIGHTS..... and UNIONS - NASUWT in this case.

    Having been involved in an incident awhile back with a colleague. Both of us accused of accosting children in our classes. The same family - a similar offence at almost the same time on the same day.(Sounds suspicious? ... a set up?... well the few who were in the know, thought so. We were told that the HT trusted us and as a result were not suspended on the spot.)

    The Parents went to the police and we were investigated. The solicitors supported us, advised us all the way and were with us at the station. We were cleared of all charges but.... The problem is in the fact that we now have a police record that cannot be erased and we are the innocent party. The solicitors comment.... you are LUCKY if you manage to get through your teaching career without incident as things like this are rising. Plus v.little will be done due to the fact that Britsh white Teachers and refugees were involved....and the government were not going to muddy any waters that might involve a racial situation!The officer who interviewed us told us that we now have a page all to ourselves on their database!

    Current legislation
    Allegations against teachers are investigated under the Children Act.
    The effect of its operation is to reverse normal criminal convention.
    Teachers accused of child abuse are almost always presumed guilty.
    There is a popular view that an allegation is in itself proof of guilt.

    We have absolutely no comeback to these kids or parents. No apology, nothing. Between us we have 6 kids... from being a parent's point of view - yes investigate fully. But from the victims point of view - we are helpless.

    It is not a good feeling and until something happens we do not really realise how vulnerable we are. So my advice to you all - protect yourselves in anyway you can. Get witnesses it possible and record anything and everything and get them to sign it with you. Time consuming - yes but getting to be a neccessity.

    I cannot tell you the stress we went through and are still going through. The HT in all her wisdom has now dismissed the incident but it still affects us both - the DHT is the only other one who knows (as far as we are aware). Some days you just don't want to go into work - but it is a case of better the devil you know.

    We were told that a comment would be put on the file that the charges were unfounded but a friend of mine who's a governor said that if anything at all is mentioned on the police check - the application is discarded immediately.

    So- how do we get a new job? Unions - they need to fight harder for us. Either that or we leave the profession.
  10. Devon Dumpling,

    There is a website called bullyonline.com that gives you the information about the worst unions and the Union of ******* [excellent name] is way up there.

    My current situation now is that the LEA are offering a compromise, we are still negotiating references but i have sought legal advice elsewhere, much to the chagrin of the union. I still have not spoken to the union solictor despite several requests in writing. The nearest i got was the Regional Official, and what an officious little Sh*t he was.

    I am absolutely flabbergasted at the treatment given to teachers, i am the victim of a witch-hunt, which my friends [solicitor, barrister and director of personnel] all agree on however, the LEAs appear to behave with impunity and seem to operate within their own boundaries.

    However, what do you do? If i sign this agreement i cannot take them to a tribunal and if don't and do take them to a tribunal, it'll cost me at least £8k to get there, have a gross misconduct to my name and ****** all hope of getting another job. However, the union of ****** informs me that i should be grateful, the LEA is not going to report me to the GTC. Quote "You really don't want to go down that route as it's a public forum and you'll end up in the papers", said the NUT. My argument is before it got to the GTC it would go to the Employment Tribunal which is also public and having already lost my job who would be affected by the publicity more - me or the LEA? The response from the NUT - "erm".

    School in the NW.

    How on earth can they operate outside of the legal framework? I know more about the law than the bloody union! Now they want to tax my severance pay and i've had to contact the inland revenue and find out case law myself to give to the union for them to give back to the LEA - utter ****.
  11. feather

    feather New commenter


    Bypass the officious union gits drawing our money for nothing. There is a legal dept separate from the unqualified officious union gits. Go to that dept and tell them you want to speak to a union solicitor about a personal injury claim. The procedure is this physical injury is dealt with by the solicitor, stress is dealt with by the gits.

    So make sure you go to a solicitor.

    Don't be afraid of the GTC, bottom line the appeal according to their rules is with the high court.

    Happy to show up the disgusting injustice teachers are working under in a public place.

    Lets face it the treatment given by some heads and employers to teachers is very well known. The effect of this law which makes teachers guilty before innocent is also well known. Headteachers in many cases will know what a difficult catchment area is like. If they don't or are part of the problem then that is not a school to work in any way.

    Have some confidence now, you are not alone. We have to stop this twilight zone though just look how damaging it is.

    Press look at this, look what these laws and inclusion initiatives have done.

    I will not stop campaigning until the injustice stops.
  12. Has anyone ever had union subs refunded?
    I'm currently in a long drawn out correspondence with Steve Sinnott, and I have just requested this for a colleague and me(33 years in total). This follows some really devious action and sudden withdrawal of support from an NUT National exec member who was supposed to be representing us in a high profile case.
  13. The bad news, rosalie36, is that if there was a police investigation, a letter from the Chief Constable about it will be attached to the employer copy of your CRB disclosure as what is known as 'soft intelligence'.

    If you're very lucky the name of the local constabulary will be on your copy of the CRB but the general rule is that you aren't allowed to know about 'soft intelligence'
  14. Mary's daughter: In February 2006 Joanne Sherry successfully sued the NUT in the small claims court and got her subs back.

    By the way, what is the next step when Steve S'not does not acknowledge letters of complaint?
  15. Thanks devon dumpling, I'd read about Joanne Sherrie - in fact I have been in contact with her, but, at the time, things were on hold as far as the NUT complaint was concerned. Now that I've reactivated it, I'm hoping for an early response from Steve S. I've threatened to take the case to the TUC if I don't get a satisfactory response from him, but don't really know how much clout they have.
    As for your case, I'd suggest inundating SS with correspondence first, then, if still no response (which is diabolical when you think about it) perhaps we ought to collectively contact the TES?
    I know one thing, I'm not prepared to give up on this. I've fought for everything else so far, this is the last lap.
  16. To be honest, I wouldn't hold out much hope of getting any assistance from NUT. They are either too concerned about politics or snuggling up to management to be interested in members' concerns.

    I am still waiting for a reply from last December.
  17. I don't know how effective it will be to report the NUT's behaviour to the TES. There again, they did report the outcome of Jo Sherry's case, so there is hope. I am thinking along the lines of approaching the Guardian's Polly Toynbee, who has written critically about the union in the past.
  18. There are other options. You could go someone in the House of Lords with your evidence and ask that this be named and discussed. It does happen, believe me! And quicker than you can imagine.

    You can also approach your MP and local councillors for help, especially if you know that one might have an axe to grind with the LEA.

    email anonamuse2@aol.com if you want more details on what happened to a teacher who was dismissed for posting on the TES forums.
  19. wforthebkstabbers: the tee shirt idea is a good one, only the NUT will then starting screaching "libel".

    Incidently I did go to this year's conference. Not as a delegate but to see what the grounds would be like for a demonstration, and I even had my slogans prepared! Unfortunately, not many people felt as strongly as me. Still, hopefully there's another time.
  20. This is just appalling. First things first

    Pursue the assault case.

    Try to get clarification of what you are supposed to have done wrong. (BTW, were you ever warned ?)

    Don't worry to much about using your present Head as a referee - as some people have already said, there are ways round this.

    But I would like to know more about what happened.

    Was it merely for something you said in a staff meeting ?


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