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Suspended for upsetting SMT - How do I get a new Job

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Suspended, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. "it", sorry
  2. I was sacked because the kids called me extremely abusive names and trashed a SMT's car - because of a supposed 'incident' that happened six months previously and was ineptly managed by SMT.
  3. casper

    casper New commenter

    What about the union dapple any luck there. Consrtuctive dismissal/

  4. After what I've been through, nothing surprises me about SMT anymore.

    You can be sacked for sneezing the wrong way, nowadays. All they have to do is say you've jeopardised health and safety by doing so...gross misconduct here they come!
  5. Can you get your union to get in touch with school, and agree a reference? That's what I did. Then I sent the agreed open reference myself along with applications, two referees who were prepared to say how wonderful I was and a sentence at the end of my letter that said something like, "I would be pleased to discuss my recent job history at interview."

    I had to drop down from HoD to ordinary teacher, but I found a wonderful school and have been happier than at any time previously.
  6. I can't believe you were suspended! I feel for you! At my last school the smt were **** and all they cared about was that people wouldn't bother them with unruly pupils. At the school I'm in now (a hard school) the smt are wonderful! Many people at my last school are very unhappy but they are too afraid to speak out. Good luck with the application forms and keep us posted!
    What is the world coming to?
  7. I have just checked out this thread and am appalled .. and yet not surprised. Don't know if this helps and may depend on how long you've been teaching etc.

    Briefly, I was bullied my my last HoD, c**p handling by most of SMT - resigned in the depths of depression. Finally, too late for me this HoD was escorted from premises (reasons too many to explain)having caused five people to resign!

    Still HT would not write me a decent reference cos the depression kicked in whilst Ofsted were in and he thought I was not being reasonable, so went supply (only did 2 months) and then applied for a job without previous HT reference on basis HT at supply school didn't know me and named referees as my NQT mentor (two years prior) and my PGCE tutor.

    Really hope you get the outcome you deserve and, if necessary (hope not), that you manage to find your way round the reference situation.
  8. It sounds to me quite outrageous.

    Too many headteachers seems to think the law that governs most workplaces in the land does not apply to them.

    Our unions must stop this, and enfore our rights. I most instances they do not, being too wet. Nevertheless, they are all we have, and Suspended MUST contact his union.

    Suspended - feel free to contact me on great.scholar@virgin.net and I will offer any advice I can, or at least a sympathetic ear.
  9. suspended,
    is there any more news on your situation?

    Sounds like an awful situation to be in. I know someone who is in a very similar situation to you at the moment.
  10. Firstly, well done for standing up to SMT. There is nothing worse than people who moan non-stop but don't actually do anything.

    A few points. Firstly regarding constructive dsmissal. I am no expert on this but have heard from a colleague about this. Two years or so, new laws regarding breach of contract/ dismissals etc came into practice. Basically they were called the '3 points' and they had to be adhered to by both employee and employer regarding grievances, dismissal, breach of contract etc. If either party doesn't follow these points they can be in trouble or have no case for complaint. Basically, it is if you have a complaint you make it in official writing first and to the relevant authority. Then if it isn't dealt with there are further channels. These should be in contracts and must be adhered to, otherwise a dismissed employee etc has no case if they don't follow their procedure. Similarly if an employer doesn't follow this procedure, they can easily be done for constructive dismissal (Unfortunately they probably will, in the mst corrupt way possible).

    Secondly, make sure Unions are called in and put pressure on them. Get everythjing logged and always have witnesses at your meetings and discussions.

    Get official advice from someone who is an expert regardng contracts and job references etc- they should steer you on the best course of action.
    God luck.
  11. The judgements here are all being made on minimal information about the actual incident. Are you able to give us more detail about what actually happened.
  12. fathobbit

    fathobbit New commenter

    I have just been reading your comments and have decided to become an NUT union rep at the very first opportunity; I feel really agrieved for you all. Being a part-timer and able to quit my job at a second's notice, I believe this puts me in a good position to be an effective union member. The fact is, I am not currently all that ambitious and am not in the least bothered about licking SMTs butts. I have heard far too many stories about e.g. physical abuse of teachers at my school. Two women teachers were even told by boys, on separate occaisions, that they were going to be raped!! And it's perverted teachers who get the spotlight on them! Can you believe it!! (I think teachers can believe anything...)
    I have also recruited my (non teacher) husband to become a 'community' governor, and after all the stories he hears about behaviour etc, I just know that he'll be faithful to our cause!!
    Following Tony Benn's lead, the only way to change things is from the 'inside', if possible.
  13. I have just been reading your thread and I felt I had to write something.
    I am an NQT and have very little advice to offer you, but I did want to offer my support. You have been forced into a horrible situation and you can't let the school get away with it. What they have done is so wrong and it needs to be stopped. I'm apalled that you have been treated this way and I really hope you are trying not to let this take over your life.
    I hope you stay positive and I'm sure you will find another job. There are definatly members of SMT out there who are good people and probably know what goes on in other schools. I suppose you simply have to be honest and prepared to discuss what happened, at job interviews.
    Please keep us up to date and let us know how you get on.
    Good luck and try to keep smiling.
  14. Mathsteach2

    Mathsteach2 Established commenter

    I just read this thread. Unbelievable, one might say, but we still do not know the whole story. My two cents worth is that the teachers' unions are not much help often, as they offer membership to SMT's!! I notice some posters referred to this by saying that SMT's think schools are not regulated by industrial union laws. Certainly makes you think. It seems in teaching you really are on your own. Get in that classroom and sink or swim!
  15. Sorry to read about your situation. I'm currently being investigated and awaiting a date for a disciplinary hearing where they [SMT darling] wants to fire me for gross misconduct. This amounts to sending emails between myself and my line manager.
    It has been going on now for some months with no end in sight. I too am worried about how i will get a job and if i'll get struck off by the GTC.
    My top tips are: Ignore your union, the NUT has the highest number of complaints than any other union in the country. [apologies to the good old hardliners of the NUT - where are you?] They are all in the pocket of the LEAs and the schools and don't give a monkey's about what happens to you. Let's face it - they're safe aren't they and they don't want to rock the boat for themselves.
    The NUT has told me i will get fired because of the language i used in what i assumed was private communication. I have sought independent legal advice and all of them have said that what i and my line manager have done is NOT gross misconduct yet my lovely union who have taken my subs for years are saying it is. God knows who their solictor is, no-one will tell me. What i do know is that the system stinks and that my union rep knew what decision had been taken AND was given the evidence BEFORE i had received any notification whatsoever.
    Check out your home insurance for legal cover - i did and i've got legal advice and a defence team for nothing. They have told me i will win at an Industrial Tribunal but what happens if i settle before? Will the school be interested in that? I'm on drugs now from my GP through the stress of it all and feel i am neglecting my Year 11s, this apparently doesn't concern the SMT though. Nightmare.
    Oh, one final point - get yourself a dictaphone and record every meeting and conversation. You cannot trust your union rep to write down everything correctly and i've never been given any minutes of any of the meetings i've attended - is this normal? No wonder we're leaving the profression in droves - intentionally or not!
  16. Suspended, have you got any more news on your situation?
  17. Wasn't going to join in but got to have my say! If this is a legitimate case of mis justice then I really hope Suspended gets all the support he / she really needs.

    However, as voiced by a few members....this just doesn't seem to add up? In my experience, it is a pre-requisite of being a staff room member to slag off SMT as much as possible. Even when they are doing a good job!

    Surely this is the basis of staff room solidarity.

    So this story doesn't seem to add up. An SMT from any half decent school, will be well up to date with the legalities of every action they take. My previous Head was always onto the school legal aid and union reps. So how is it that this SMT have acted so recklessly?

    Also, why is Suspended job hunting, when he /she should be fighting their corner and taking this matter as far as it will go. If this is true they will be entitled to substantial compensation?

    Am I completely wrong?
  18. In my school we have been told not to swear in the staffroom, not to discuss staff members in a negative way nor pupils. I was under the assumption that the staff room was in effect our shop floor - not so say SMT and the union. Hey ho.
  19. jlo

    jlo New commenter

    Not swear in the staffroom - well my school would have had to shut by now cos ALL the staff would be suspended.
    It's where we go to let off steam and the odd expletive helps no end!!

    Must add we do not slag off other teachers or SMT as we all get on OK. Quite a small school.
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  20. On the face of it it sounds appaling.

    Only thing I have to add is that in these circumstances reasonable references can be 'negotiated' in order that everyone gets an easy life. Galling, but maybe a practical way forward.

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